What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition

Rainy day . A good day for my take on cabbage soup with leftover roast chicken. Secret ingredient: The heel of speck , and roasted chicken skin torn into small pieces . Hot paprika , potato, and vegetable base . Wine to drink. :wine_glass:Cheers .


OK, I’m really not convinced about this Nigel Slater dinner. Carrot houmous and roast cauliflower (from his Christmas Chronicles book).

Cauli is simply roasted in olive oil. Separately, carrots & onions are roasted for about 45 minutes then a tin of chickpeas is added and everything is blitzed in the processor, with more olive oil until it’s the consistency of, erm, houmous. That goes on a serving plate, topped with the cauli and a sprinkling of chopped mint, green olives and pomegranate seeds. That’s in theory but, in practice, I couldnt find any poms, so it’ll get a drizzle of pom molasses instead (which I reckon will actually be an improvement).

For a carb, some of Mrs H’s manoush za’atar bread is defrosting. It’s flattish, rather than flatbread, at about 7mm thick , with a heavy sprinkling of the herb mix.

By the by, Christmas Chronicles has become my favourite Xmas cookbook. Not just for the recipes but also Slater’s little stories about his festive preparations. He writes that he ate this meal on 19 December, the anniversary of his mother’s death. “I can only imagine what Mum would have thought of anyone roasting a cauliflower”.


Most of our meals, we are eating mainly at the island in the kitchen. The dining table is rarely used, only for really special occasions or for guest meals. Our dinner are mostly 2-courses, plus fruits. I admit it is pretty convenient and quick to serve just next to the cooking hobs. The dining table becomes our cat’s observation post as it is next to the windows.

I like the fact that you keep the rituals and keep making it special every Saturday. Your post keep me thinking, I should do more formal meals in the dining room even for us 2.


Do you pound most meat you cooked? Or just this recipe?

I rarely did, I don’t even own the tool to do it. I know that it can be done with a pan…but still.

Want that soup, perfect for the weather today here.

Dinner yesterday was a Banh Chung, a sticky rice cake I got from the Asian store. I didn’t know what it was, never saw it, but I saw everybody grabbed a few, I got a smaller one to try.

Similar to Chinese zongzi, it is made of sticky rice, mung beans and pork and is essential for the lunar new year celebration. I read that it was very labour intensive to make and more information by Andrea Nguyen if you are interested.


A side vegetable dish with Gai Lan.

Since a few days, a few Korean meals and a few others included in the Korean cuisine COTQ thread.
Broiled pork ribs.


Kroger is selling boneless Rib Eye steaks in a Family Pak for $6.99 per pound. We bought ours yesterday, and I broiled them in the oven and served with Yukon Gold potatoes. I went spare on seasoning–only cracked black pepper and table salt. Quite tasty.

The pups got a bit of the marbling in their dinner bowls. I think they liked that.


That all looks so yummy. Did you enjoy the rice cake?

Actually, it was quite good, the taste was subtle with the combination with the pork and the bean with the sticky rice. Maybe you can find one too in store near you.

I read one suggestion was to eat adding sugar on it, which seems weird, I will try with the leftover.

I will look for one!

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Hi all! Home for todays game :football: !
Catching up on HO WFD thread, wow!
I’ve missed the lessons😉



Hey hi Rooster, long time! (Moved you from the January discussion)

Thanks, naf! You are always on top of forum housekeeping!

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Naaa! :blush:

Better, you’ve missed some gossips and household drama! :roll_eyes:
Do you miss cooking?

Very much. I think I was in the house a few seconds before turning on the oven and checking the pantry. Headed to the market straight from the airport after checking in with my gal.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Believe me - everyone I know who is a Patriots fan is going out of our minds, @bmorecupcake!


I don’t, and that could be the problem I had with the jasmine rice. Will try rinsing it well the next time I cook it.

Not most, just in this recipe it helps to tenderize and cook evenly I think. I used a rolling pin.


My nephew, who is unusual for a Briton in that he claims to understand the game, is a Patriots fan.

On the other hand, as I write, It’s 1 - 1 in the Manchester City v Arsenal game. City desperately needs to win to stay in touch with Liverpool.

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Oh wow I would never have guessed that!

I cook basmati usually, and also had trouble with jasmine. I think it needs less water - I use 1:2 for basmati, more like 1:1.5 now for jasmine. Always washed well till water runs clear.

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