What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition

My dosa disaster (mentioned elsewhere) now means we have sambhar and coconut chutney to use up. To go with them, I’m going to make a quick dish from Madhur Jaffrey’s “Curry Easy” which she only calls “chickpeas in a sauce” - basically a tin of chickpeas with onion, garlic, spices, chopped tomato and a little water. There will be papads and chappattis for carbs. I really can’t be bothered doing anything more complicated.


So wet and rainy. Last night we needed some warm comfort food. Sauteed an onion and some pancetta, then added a bunch of kale, veggie stock, and a parmesan rind. Let that simmer for a while, then dumped in some orzo and a bit more water. Lots of black pepper and a pinch of red pepper flakes added before serving.


Do you make your own gyro meat? Favorite recipe?

Nope, this was from Trader Joes. I have heard good things about Aldi’s “special buy” as well.

TT, you’ve mentioned your immersion blender a number of times. Do you by any chance have a cordless model? My ancient Bamix seems to have given up the ghost, and, it seems, a cordless model would be quite convenient. Good idea?

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When we don’t have time to cook, I just put out bread and cheese. Tonight, ciabatta from a local bakery and Trader Joe’s cheese of the month.


I made my own gyro meat. Leftovers are still in the freezer from 8 yrs ago. No appreciation for garlic. Humph!!!

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Haha, that’s cuz I don’t own a food processor or mini chop and my blender is a pain to use and clean!
But my immersion blender must be ten years old- plugs into the wall but comes apart to clean. Fairly certain it’s Cuisinart but doubtful they still make it. Surprised it’s lasted so long actually…(!!)


My freezer sometimes is like purgatory . From fridge to freezer to garbage .


I decided that nothing says “i love me” quite like Hot Carbs in the form of dumplings… :two_hearts:
Steamed the last few from my bag of veggie/tofu dumplings and made them super fancy with some stemmy cilantro! And yes that’s a mug.

Also salad for insatiable veggie cravings, featuring @PHREDDY ‘s vinegrette!
I have used and reused this mustard jar for salad dressing at least a gabazillion times

Totally weird shadow when i took a photo- hard to tell but it was slightly pink!! Haha, perfect ! Very delicious, a nice sweet tart balance from the bit of ketchup (!) and red wine vinegar combo

Salad included the usual cucumber, sunflower seeds, lots of stemmy cilantro, and part of a pomelo that i had to supreme because the segments’ membranes were SO tough and not edible. Actually very annoyed about that, since usually it’s not so tough. But made my salad kind of fancy too!

Debating if i’ll make this avocado chocolate mousse- a half recipe- since i do have chocolate chips and a ripe avocado (it’s way better with the melted chocolate option) but also needs to chill. If not I’ll just make an extra rich hot chocolate tonight with the chocolate chips


I’ll add my 2cents here… I’ve had the same Braun immersion blender for the past 20 years, and it’s my favorite kitchen appliance.

Mine came with a mini chopper and a balloon whisk - the immersion blender comes apart midway, and the top (motor) part goes into the top of the chopper or the whisk.

I like it better than Bamix and Cuisinart both (which family members have). Bamix’s mini chopper is very good, but I find the immersion part inconsistent, and the recent Cuisinarts I’ve used aren’t comparable in power.

The post inside the mini chopper sadly (finally?) came loose last year, but I stuck it back… a friend just found the exact part I need so lucky me :grimacing:

Here’s a current version, though there are several modes depending on which attachments you are interested in.


In a rare pasta indulgence at home, chicken and poblano ravioli from Trader Joe’s, using the thick cauliflower soup with some frozen green enchilada base as sauce. Really more of an enchilada plate in ravioli form, but tasty.


I have that same one, made in Spain. The newer Brauns are not as good. I just used it to make mayonnaise. I use the chopper for small batches of ginger/garlic puree when I don’t have energy for the mortar and pestle. I use the whisk to whip egg whites and heavy cream. It has more wires than my regular electric hand mixer and does a far better job making whipped cream and meringues.

What I like to do is make an avocado “pudding” separately and chill for a bit. Then drizzle a warm chocolate sauce on top.


I have to say, I was shocked at how good avocado chocolate mousse is!

Only trumped in bizarre goodness by water chocolate mousse… have you ever tried it? It’s scary because it can be had as long as some form of chocolate is at hand…

Good to know - I tend to forget the whisk!

Wanted a cheeseburger with grilled onions , and toll house cookies . After 4 days I took out the snow blower to remove 180 feet of snow in the driveway. Off to the store for the goods . :yum::hamburger::cookie: . Wine to drink :wine_glass:Cheers .


We always called it “the part that goes over the fence last” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Tuna Steak in the pan…I do buy previously frozen as I like to eat it very rare.

Served with wild rice and made a pot of red beans.
BTW that little round thing with the beans is a piece of the ham bone that I fortified the beans with.