What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!



Had guests over. Made the biryani from a few days ago, along with cucumber raita and cilantro chutney. It came out exactly how I wanted it. Everyone loved it, from our parents on down to 4 year olds. Phew.


It was traumatic to be outside today! Some choice verbage came out of my mouth every time a gust of wind hit regardless of the fact i dressed like Randy from a christmas story…
I needed something hot, brothy and fatty. Went with a thai-ish coconut curry, using some yellow curry paste from the stupidmarket that thankfully didn’t blow my head off but certainly had a bit of a kick to it.
I started with onions and garlic in generous coconut oil, added some grated ginger, the curry paste, and let that saute a good while on medium low while peeling and chopping. (That smelled AMAZING from the coconut oil!)
I thought i had a half package of asian noodles in the cupboard somewhere but apparently no. And the orzo i did have seemed weird. Decided to add a chopped sweet potato, then some shredded nappa cabbage, extra firm cubed tofu, the last two carrots, and a big handful of frozen corn, and a can of coconut milk plus a few cans of water. Let it simmer a good while til the sweet potato was cooked.
Really hit the spot!! Wish i had made a bigger batch, just another serving or so leftover.
Topped with some stemmy cilantro!

Probably another apple and nut butter with my tea for dessert, the market i went to didn’t have the cocoa i like for hot chocolate :frowning:


Looks so cheery and warming. At least you aren’t having that long commute in this weather!

(saregama) #773

Been lax about posting though I remembered to take pics :grimacing:

Some veg momos I made a while back. Lazy rectangles because of dried out wrapper edges. Happy to find these in the freezer, ate them pan-fried with chili crisp and some chili garlic sauce.

Started some homemade bread… baked some off, leaving the rest to slow-rise in the fridge for comparison… pizza may appear at some point. Made mushrooms on toast (with aged Gouda on the side). Assorted wild mushrooms.

Chawanmushi, one of my favorite lazy meals. This time imitating a restaurant version I loved - that’s chili crisp and some plantain chips on top.

(saregama) #774

Can’t believe you went to the store today! Very brave!


My take off of a recipe from Judy Rodgers . Zuni chicken . Side of macaroni salad and broccoli. Wine to drink . Cheers .:wine_glass:


Great looking bird. Love the rosemary under the skin

(Jimmy ) #777

A “clean out the 'fridge” meal last night: Diced pork chop & Wright’s Bacon cooked in rice. French bagette slathered with a PSTOB*

(ChristinaM) #778

Oh, which one?

(ChristinaM) #779

Rubbed, roasted salmon, parmesan couscous, and Brussels agridulce (garlic, almonds, chili, olive oil, and aged balsamic.

(Jimmy ) #780

That plate is pretty as a picture.


An Ecuadorian dish called Yapingachos, Fired mashed potatoes with a peanut butter sofrito sauce, grilled portabella mushrooms and grilled filet mignon, with butter and red wine.

Salad along side, a glass of Malbec…on an evening that heat blasted all night!


I started a new topic for February here…

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Oh…also raisins on the sprouts


It really did warm me up! I’ll certainly be making this again soon. I’ve been so happy just to make my own dinner every night this week! Delivery may never appeal again…
I know! I had an appointment to go to yesterday anyhow, and the not great market is on my way back from the subway two blocks from my apt


I really love this one, usually mixed with whatver nondairy milk is on hand (good with almond milk but crazy amazing creamy with oat milk). I either get it at target- of all places- or pay thru the nose to avoid target and get at whole foods. The suggested 3TB serving is really rich, I usually do 2TB. Good stuff.


I also did a curry but because the idea of getting to the store made my head hurt!


Last dinner for January and with this cold weather couldn’t face a trip to the store. I made coconut curry with tofu, shrimp and mixed veggies. Surprisingly tasty and comforting!

(John Hartley) #788

It went well. Nothing spectacular but just a nice comforting dinner for a cold night. Slater rarely lets me down with his recipes.


Good! This will be a February meal chez naf.