What’s for Dinner #11 - 7/2016 - The Sum-Sum-Summahtime Edition!

It’s July, and today is Canada Day for some, Independence Day weekend for others.

School’s out for summah, and the livin’ is easy at the beach, shore, pool, pond, lake or wherever you’re enjoying what is hopefully great weather! And if you’re not having great weather, I hope you’re in A/C and aren’t sweltering!

What’s grilling and going on your picnic tables these July evenings?


Well let me be the first! Who gets sick for July 1st? Ugghhh don’t know what’s up but feel like crap, achy, chills and tired. Had a take out pork chop and a salad, I have an appitite which is good I guess. Anyway into bed for a 4am wake up to welcome my son home from his and his buddies road trip to Fla.

Have a great 4th weekend everyone!

As for me, I was supposta’ go out tonight. Round 2 headache, insanely busy day of work, and other stuff prevented. Hopefully tomorrow. After I remote connect into work computer to do some invoicing. :-/

So I stopped at WF on the way home from work, as they had sockeye salmon on sale for $8.99/lb. Easy-peasy prep - low and slow (250°) in the convection oven for about 20 minutes or so after oiling, and coarse salt/pepper sprinkled on top. Maple syrup drizzled on top towards the end.

Steamed asparagus alongside. And headache be damned - there WAS wine as the side dish of fruit. And yes. I ate the entire piece of salmon, as I went back for the other half after finishing this plate. I still had wine to finish, so the salmon was a nice accompaniment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohhhhh, no! I do hope it’s very temporary, and you’re feeling better for your son and his friends’ arrival home!


Taco bowls! Seasoned ground beef (various powdered chiles, cayenne, smoked paprika, cumin, garlic, onion, chipotle, tomato paste), cheese, blistery onions and red peppers, pickled jalapenos, green olives, sour cream. Mmmmmmmmm.


Pearl diving at the fishmonger today.

Fishmonger was supposed to get me 2 boxes but she forgot and got only 1. I got a back-up plan though: 3kg of crab claws.


Indian-inspired dinner of curry pork skewers (thinly sliced tenderloin is currently marinating in garlic, curry powder, sesame oil and rice vinegar), garam masala roasted cauliflower and raita, plus a ginger-scallion relish if I feel motivated enough. I’m getting hungry so I should probably hop to it!


Hosted a small BBQ on the menu: Filet Mignon-Pork Tenderloin–Ribs-Mac n cheese-Corn on the cob-creamed spinach.

Apps: baked stuffed jalapeños - prosciutto wrapped melon.

Sorry for quick pic.


Is that Sweet Baby Rays I see upside down ? If it is . It’s my fave barby sauce .

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Yes, lol!! I cook the ribs with a dry rub then finish with sweet baby rays. Since the sauce is just used to finish I had the bottles out for anyone who wanted extra.

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Summahtime, and the eating is easy in Presunto World!

Yeah, haven’t been doing much cooking lately. Eating oysters (and ripe mangoes) over the kitchen sink seems ideal these days.

Love the new thread title, btw. Very LindaW! :smiley:


Lamb. I used a packaged kebab spice mix.

Yogurt with mint on left.

From Turk supermarkets


Smoked pork ribs , Prime rib eyes from Costco , Croatian sausages , Where’s the veggie . Grilled corn or if Maria chimes in with her recipe for the corn she posted last month . Might as well throw the eggplant on the grill also . Now I need a starch :thinking: Time for beer and to get cooking . Happy Fourth weekend . :sunglasses:


You had me at lamb.

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Up late this a.m. thanks to drinks and dinner out last night at Dali (and sneak pours of Cuarenta y Tres from Julio behind the bar!). So a slow start to the morning.

About 4 hours of work this afternoon (interspersed with chicken marination, plant watering, lemonade pouring, etc.)

Finally dinner. Chicken marinated in grapeseed oil, teriyaki sauce, honey, lime juice, lime zest, salt, Aleppo pepper and I think that’s it. Grilled on the grill pan, marinade spooned over top as it was cooking, and finished in the oven.

Alongside was Crash Hot Potatoes and sauteed fresh corn stripped from the cob, red bell pepper, green beans, and radishes with a bit of minced rosemary and thyme (along with salt and pepper).

Vodka, lemonade and ginger beer pre-dinner, glass of wine with dinner.


Molto Bella .:smile:

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Chaat salad tonight, loosley based on the recipe from made in india. Cucumbers, radishes, cilantro, green onions, mixed greens (couldn’t find a pomegranate for the pomegranate seeds), then the pan fried chickpeas with mustard seed, lemon juice, masala spice, and coconut flakes. Really flavorful combo and came together quickly, played nicely with my glass of reisling


Throughout the day, I worked on making bits and bobs of my meal tonight while I was doing other things (other things being work-related so I wasn’t swamped tomorrow). One thing I did was caramelize 3 onions for the freezer, keeping out a bit for tonight’s dinner.

A bacon-mozzarella burger with caramelized onions; deviled eggs with pickle relish, mayo, salt, and pepper, and topped with ground sumac and Aleppo pepper; coleslaw; and COTC in the microwave.

There was a tall vodka, lemonade and ginger beer alongside. OK, there was two. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had planned to use cherries and blueberries in a “patriotic” dessert, but had no chance to come up with anything. Just as well, since I’m stuffed!

A very Happy Independence Day to you all!


that seems ideal any time!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold