WHat new, good in Korean dining in New Jersey?


Well, after what looks to be a 7-year hiatus from Food sites, I have decided to try this again. I see some familiar names that are active here, so I am hopeful.
While I have done a brief backtrack look around here, I decided to just ask straight out, where’s it happening for Korean dining? So far my fave place has been Keum Ho Garden in Edison. Still not as good as my first love the long departed Eugene’s Korean BBQ that was in Browns Mills NJ. The only place I ever saw the Helmet style of grilling.
I do frequent the two H-Marts in my travel area, the Edison one and the Cherry Hill one. I like it all.
So what say you?


@joonjoon is our resident Korean expert here. He won’t let you down.

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Still waiting for what may be a promising place to open in Monmouth county:

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For Korean Fried Chicken, I still like the Boom Boom Chicken (Edison, NJ; next to H-Mart) a little bit more than all other places I have been to (including NY and PA).


Seconded on Boom Boom Chicken for Korean Fried Chicken.

A few suggestions for Northern, NJ:

Palisades Park, NJ
Han’ Sang Restaurant - stews, entrees, bibimbap

Fort Lee, NJ
Han Nam Bunsik - Jjajangmyun (brown paste noodle)

Teaneck, NJ
Peck Peck Korean Style Chicken


Seal/joon, are there any Korean places left in monmouth? (Excluding MOGO which I wouldn’t classify as Korean)


Yes, I remember Joonjoon from CH. :slight_smile:


If your going to Boom Boom Chicken in Edison next to Hmart , you might as well try the fried chicken in the Hmart, in their food court …comparable.


I agree, that’s where I get mine. I like it best from the vendor closest to the front of the store.


Not truly Korean but more Korean-American, Roosterspin has terrific fried chicken. I’ve been to their location in Westfield several times and they now have a place in New Brunswick.


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Hey guys! If you want something new and good, you need to head up to the Palisades Park/Fort Lee area. The Edison area hasn’t had anything new worth talking about in a while. As far as BBQ in edison, the last time I went to Keum Ho, it was pretty disappointing. Their meat was not up to par and I have been going to Chung Sol Bat instead. I used to go to KHJ for their meat combo deals, and now that CSB also has the set deals I probably won’t be returning to KHJ for a little while.

@goodparmesan already threw out a few good places - in particular Peck Peck is a true gem and everyone who is a fan of KFC must pay them a visit.

I’ll throw out some suggestions for places outside of your mainstream Korean fare.

Edison: Meng Gao Yang BBQ. This place is like Northern Chinese lamb bbq run by Korean-Chinese immigrants. Definitely worth a visit, and the kind of place that really gets the beer flowing. The BBQ is fun but their non-BBQ dishes have always stolen the show.

Pal Park/Ft Lee:

Bang’s: There are two of them up there, and they specialize in goat stews. Their menu is small but if you order the goat combo, they will bring you out a beautiful tender piece of goat and slice it up at the table. After you’ve eaten the meat they bring you some goat stew to follow up. The stew was a little lackluster on my last visit but I would absolutely suggest trying this place if you’re tired of the usual.

To Sok Chon: This place puts out “peasant food.” The main attraction being their pork soup. It’s simply fantastic on a cold day. The soup is like 10 bucks and you can get a small order of boiled pork and blood sausage for like 3 bucks. They also have other fun things like baby eel soup.

Bada Story: This is a Korean seafood restaurant. Kind of like Sushi / Sashimi but done in a very, very Korean style. This place is pricey, but you get an insane amount of food and will get to try a ton of things unique to Korean seafood, such as live octopus.

Following are places I’ve been meaning to check out or have been really popular:

Obaltan: “Pocha” style drinking/BBQ establishment that specializes in grilled clams.

The Cast Iron Pot: AYCE Korean BBQ with 20+ meat selection for 25 bucks. Nuff said. You cook the meat over a giant traditional Korean metal pot lid.

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong: This place has been a hot spot for a while now, it’s a BBQ chain from Korea. I personally prefer to go to locally run places.


Thanks, Joonjoon. Tho’ to read this thread, one could think that Korean dining was only fried chicken and BBQ. There’s this whole wide amazing area of soups, stews, rices, tteokbokki etc. The good stuff. While I appreciate a good full, all in meat madness BBQ, I seek the more homestyle, comfort foods. For that reason, I do like KHJ, they do those well. Since I do go with my Mom often, our dining is usually lunch.

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Now that you mention it, I’m realizing I’ve only gone to Keum Ho for BBQ. I mean we obviously get other things too but I’ve always gone to CSB for non-BBQ dishes. What kind of dishes do you get at Keum Ho, and have you been to CSB? I think their food is just better than Keum Ho these days, top to bottom.

There are more and more specialty non-bbq shops popping up in the Pal Park area that are worth checking out, I like having choices but some times it’s a little overwhelming.

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