WHat new, good in Korean dining in New Jersey?

Paging @joonjoon any updated recommendations for Korean in Edison-ish area? I want to meet a friend up there and was thinking about the Mongolian BBQ place which we haven’t been to since pre-rona. The recent google reviews are straight up horrible.

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I think the only Korean place I’ve been to in Edison since covid is Butcher 360, actually in New Brunswick. It’s an AYCE bbq and I had a really good time! It looks like their prices went up since I went and now they have a liquor license so it’s probably too rich for my taste now.

The mongolian BBQ place has always had kinda bad reviews, at least on yelp but I honestly never had a bad meal there. If you don’t pick your dishes strategically your bill can skyrocket real fast but other than that I feel pretty good that you’ll have a good time there.

You can never go wrong with Chung Sol Bat though, that place always delivers. Keum ho jung is right up there too but they change their format all the time so I can’t say with confidence how they are now.

If you don’t mind venturing into spicy Chinese food, Hot Space Grill Fish was a really great time, they have that impossible full 5 star review on Yelp too.

There’s also Picnic Garden but that place really upset me the last couple times I went by rationing the premium meats. From a quick look on Yelp it looks like the rationing has gotten worse, not better.


Good tips! Thanks. Yeah I wasn’t looking at yelp but Google reviews which had a major rash of repetitive commentary about forced tips at the Mongolian place hahaha! It did remind me of one visit where they were adamant I called to reserve a pretty pricey lamb leg which I absolutely didn’t do. I barely ever eat lamb.

I’ll check your spots. I need to hit hmart in Edison for a variety of ingredients since I volunteered to trial a couple recipes that are well outside of my normal cooking.

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Well I hope you have fun and please report back! My friends and I like to try to hit 2 restaurants when we go to Edison, and the Mongolian place is nice for that kind of thing because you can get a few skewers just like as a snack. That lamb leg is actually super delicious but I don’t think it’s worth the money.

Also if you haven’t tried the crab and pork soup dumplings at Shanghai Dumpling house it’s an absolute must!

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