What makes you feel better when you have a cold?

I buy it - or rather have a kind soul pick it up for me. By that point I feel too lousy to attempt cooking.

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Chinese penicillin is the trade name.

For me it is just “Jewish Penicillin”…

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Avgolemono is my go-to meal when under the weather. Miso soup is also on my sick list. Sometimes grits and a poached egg.

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My variation on the chicken-soup theme is something that came to me, apparently by Divine Inspiration, when I was having a sudden bout of Can’t Keep It Down: chicken broth, chopped parsley and LOTS of crushed garlic all simmered together. Not only did it taste good going down, it did coming back up too … no, really, and that’s the kind of miracle you want at times like that!

However, that’s also my cure-all for everything but a gout attack. I’m so happy that Swanson’s comes in huge cartons these days so I don’t have to open (or pay for!) all those damn cans when I really don’t feel like doing anything anyway. Since the broth gets strained I can just smash garlic and rough-chop the parsley (you do NOT want to be doing close knife work while you’re sneezing!), and be maybe 20 minutes on the cooktop away from some genuine comfort.

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I make a really good hot and sour soup, but when I’m sick I agree that the @meatn3 method of getting someone to pick it up for you or having it delivered is best. ETA here is the recipe I use when I’m not too sick to be in the kitchen: http://www.food.com/recipe/americas-test-kitchen-hot-sour-soup-323234 . The black vinegar is a must and can usually be found at Asian grocery stores.


We’re under the impression that the wood ear actually has medicinal effects in traditional Chinese medicine that led to the sobriquet Chinese penicillin. The pork and tofu and egg supply nourishment after the seasonings wake up the metabolism.

Gout …now that is a topic…for me too…

Pho or korean tofu soup for takeout ot homade tomato vegetable soup

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I made this over the weekend . I skewed the recipe a little . http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017117-beef-bone-broth . I’ve got a coupe gallons . Simmered it for 16 hours and strained it . Wow what a flavorful stock . I’m freezing a bunch . I hope I never have to use it for a cold . But would work just fine .

I didn’t know there was an Old European in Pullman too, they’re down to one in Spokane. And yes, they do a good breakfast!

I caught some kind of a flu last Thursday. I got much better by Sunday.

Anyway, I was making soup Thursday night just because I knew I would feel much worse by Friday, and I did.

So, what do you like to eat and/or cook when you are sick?

I like to eat soft and liquid-ly food like soup when I am sick, particularly chicken soup, but I like other soup as well. In term of what I like to make, I just want to make something very simple when I am sick. Unlike my previous episodes with food poisoning, I was able to eat any food this time around (just normal flu). I ate a lot of toasted turkey melted cheese sandwich, just because it was so easy to make and I had the ingredients already.


Maybe you can get some ideas in this (near identical) thread over on the HC board.

Chicken noodle, toast with a little butter & Ginger Ale. The combination goes back to my childhood.

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Sorry you are sick! Hope you will be better soon. I think there’s already are similar topics.

Take care all, seems like seasonal change and many are sick.
Food for cold and dental problem gathered from all the posts in HO.

Ginger ale, chicken soup, potato chips, lemon-ginger tea

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Nothing new or original here: I’m a genetically programmed devotee of chicken soup… Before starting a low carb lifestyle, the chicken soup program was modified to jook/congee/porridge. Now I guess it would be cauliflower rice porridge :smile:

I will have to add though that now that I am well over 2x the legal drinking age, if I have been dosing off and on all day and want to go to sleep at night, about 3 fingers worth of bourbon in a glass with 1 cube does the trick :stuck_out_tongue:

Ginger ale. I need to stock up some…

Oh, I missed that you also wrote ginger ale. Hmmm.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold