What makes you feel better when you have a cold?

I’m just settling down with a hot water with whiskey, lemon and honey. I’ll search out some hot and sour soup for dinner tonight. What do you eat and drink to make yourself feel better?

Chicken noodle soup – if I have enough energy to make it. I still use shortcuts as in using BTB or other store-bought chicken broth, and usually only simmer BISO thighs (not a whole chicken).

Anything spicy like tom yum or Sichuan is nice to clear out your sinuses.

It’s also about the only time I ever drink tea.

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I googled BTB and got back “bring that booty”! Then I googled BTB cooking and got back Better Than Bouillon. I just got a 3 jar delivery so I’m all set, thanks for the suggestion. I have veggies and chicken thighs in the freezer.

Chicken noodle soup reminds me of a story my mother tells. I had the flu when I was 5 and the doctor (who still made house calls back in the olden days) told her to strain out the noodles from Campbells before she gave it to me. Of course I insisted I wanted my favorite soup intact, she gave it to me, and ended up cleaning up the mess. But I love the fact that she gave it to me anyway. And that, at 90, she’s still telling the story. It makes me feel loved.


HA! Bringing that booty might make some folks feel better, but that’s generally the last thing on my mind when I’m sick.

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Toast and ginger ale.

Growing up it was chicken noodle soup, but these days I find myself preferring spicier variations on soup. Hot and sour soup, Greek lemon chicken rice soup, tortilla soup, and any of the Vietnamese soups are my go to.

Same for me. When I’m sick my short cut is Swanson broth - a rotisserie chicken from the grocery (peel off the meat but then simmer the carcass in the stock while you’re chopping veggies, makes a world of difference for the stock flavor) - and lots of garlic and ginger in the broth.

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I tend to go for Filet o Fish and jello.

  • 1 on the hot & sour soup.

Love me some homemade chicken soup! Just made this batch today since my daughter wasn’t feeling well.

Also if I have more flu-like, rather than cold symptoms, some hot tea and Grand Marnier.


A little soup , a lot of sleep . I hibernate . I’m not feeling good stay away . Did I just jinx myself ?



Probably the oldest standby for an upset stomach. Got it from my mom & gave it to my kids.

Bourbon, hot Pho and (since you’re close to Canada) a couple 222s.

I have yet to travel anywhere (and I’ve ticked over some pretty serious miles over the years) where the default remedy for a cold isn’t some variation on that very drink – whether it’s rum, whiskey, whisky, bourbon, vodka, cognac or some other local firewater.

Obviously it has some real value, or there wouldn’t be so many cultures that still keep it as a remedy. (Steam open sinuses…honey soothes throats and calms coughs…lemon helps to cut through the crud and as a low-level sanitizer…and a shot of booze to help you sleep…easy to see that it would work!)

Hmm not so close that I knew without looking it up what they are. I do have a little stash from a surgery a few years ago, I may take 1/2 a tablet tonight to keep my coughing from keeping me awake. The cat slept in the living room last night!

That’s a good thing about Canada–222s and Robaxisal (a mild muscle relaxant + aspirin) are over-the-counter.

FYI, I had breakfast at the Old European in Pullman the morning after the WSU-Stanford game. Excellent food, especially the abelskivver.

SOUPS! Any soup: chicken soup with noodles when very sick, mushroom soup, pumpkin soup and fish soup “bouillabaisse”…

Problem is when I’m very sick, I can only ask for supermarket stuff. Husband doesn’t do soup. A better brand than Maggi or Knorr which can be found here is the English New Covent Garden (except the Thai lemongrass chicken thing, smell and taste like detergent).

When I feel borderline I make a pot of soup with good jellied chicken stock and load it with garlic, onions, parsley and lots of greens. That’s my spring tonic remedy and seems to help keep the nastiness at bay.

Once I’m sick hot and sour soup is my default.

Several of you have mentioned hot and sour soup as the default when you’re sick. Are you all making it or buying it? I think I’ve only ever had it in a restaurant, never made or bought it at the grocery. Is it easier to make than chicken noodle (if you’re making it) - and I’ll need a recipe if there is a go to? Thanks.

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