What kind of potato would you serve with braised brisket? Please don’t say potato pancakes

I am making grandma’s Jewish style brisket for friends this weekend and I can’t decide what kind of potato I want to make. I just know I don’t want to grate and squeeze potato pancakes. I can’t decide what would go well. Any suggestions?

I don’t know what Jewish style brisket is, but assuming it’s a braise of some sort then my first choice would be mash. Not a wet mash with loads of butter, etc but pretty much just potatoes mashed.


Roasted small red/gold and sweet potatoes is what I might do.

Disclaimer: No one has any business taking my marginal advice because it usually leads to unconsciousness and incarceration.


I would do mashed potatoes, because gravy.


Yes, it’s a braise with onions, garlic and carrots in red wine. The meat melts, but the gravy is not thick.

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That was my first thought as well.

Definitely mashed, as @Harters said.

Or spaetzle.


Mashed potato pancakes, not latkes.

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Definitely mashed potatoes. Maybe add some sour cream, cheddar, and chive.

Throw some small potatoes into the pot for the last 20-30 minutes?
Mash them on the plate with dinner?


I’d make potato dumplings. From a mix. I’ve been happy with the Polish and German mixes I’ve bought. Lately I’ve been buying Silesian-style potato dumplings which are smaller, and shaped with an indentation in the middle that catches gravy or sauce.

I usually make them when I make sauerbraten and sometime with gulasch.

Here’s a recipe for the Silesian dumplings https://polishhousewife.com/kluski-slaskie-silesian-dumplings/

I’d rather have a softer potato- like boiled dumplings or mash, rather than a crispy potato or roasted potato , with brisket.


What about potato rolls? Net exactly a potato but they would go really well with the brisket and it’s pan juices. You could make some lovely little sandwiches with the leftovers.


Welcome @ Chiaroscuro!


the latkes are a nice crispy counterpoint because the meat is so soft!

you can thin slice potatoes, toss with olive oil, salt and thyme and roast til crispy.

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Tater tots.

It’s kosher too.


Roasted red potatoes.
Lots of garlic :garlic:

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Mash for me, especially since there is a gravy/sauce involved. Twice baked is also a good alternative when you add some of the gravy/sauce to the second step.

Colcannon- then you get some veg with your brisket


Trader Joe’s has a frozen latke that is not too bad. Air Fryer crispy. (I like mine with a poached egg.)