What kind of graters do you own ?

I got a good offer on all 5 Microplane Master graters for a bundle price and decided to pull the trigger.

I also own a CuisiPro Box grater and the green Microplane Premium grater, which I only use for lime and lemon.

Finally I also own a Microplane dedicated nutmeg grinder - I really love this grater.
Just makes grating nutmeg so easy and precise.

What graters do you own and are they your favourite graters ?

The design of the Microplane Master is very nice, unfortunately only the blade and the wood is from North America, the rest is made and assembled in China, which surprised me quite a bit.
They ship their parts half around the world to have them assembled and then back again.

I try to limit my purchases made in two certain countries (you can guess them), but I find it very hard to live by that rule…when almost everything these days come from that certain country.

Microplane Master graters


Are those wooden handles?

I own 4 microplanes: a coarse one like your leftmost, a fine one like the one next to it (my first, and 18 years later, still my best), a slicer like your second-from-right, and a broader slicer that’s great for radishes and suchlike in salads.


Microplanes for most of what I do. There are more specialized cases which I use something else.


I have:

A cheap generic rectangular grater (coarse at one end and finer at the other) for softer cheeses.

A stick shaped Microplane with about the same cut as number 5 in your photo.

A Microplane with about the same cut as number 3 in your photo.

A bi-directional GoodCook rasp style grater. (https://www.goodcook.com/goodcook-touch-fine-grater-and-zester-with-stainless-steel-blade-includes-safety-cover.html)

A ribbon Microplane with a very small cut (I’ve snapped off the handle on that one, but it’s still usable, so I kept it.)

A Target store brand ribbon grater similar to number 4 in your photo.

A slightly larger cut ribbon grater that was on clearance at Walmart for $2 (it actually rang up as 40 cents when I checked out.)


Yes, the Microplane Master series have Canadian walnut wooden handles. They do need to be oiled once in a while to stay in great shape.

If I didn’t enjoy the look of this Master series so much, I would have gone with the Microplane Gourmet series for the more ergonomic handle shape in thick rubber.


What are these specialized cases and what do you use there?

Certain is available in France, I’ve been gifted the second on your photo. Although I like the look of wood, I ended up using more often the classic one, more comfortable. Maybe I should sand the wood surface? Mine isn’t very smooth. Yes, a bit disappointed that it’s made in China with the price tag.

What’s the difference between the Premium version and the original version (Gourmet)? I got mine pretty early, I find it too complex with all their present collections.

I have a classic box grater for coarser textures, microplanes for ginger, zest and cheese etc, a nutmeg grater and a small grater for pink Himalayas salt but I prefer to use the salt grinder these days. Sometimes, I use peeler for thicker slice of cheese. And, Magimix to grate mainly carrot.


Let me be honest.

I chose the Master version because I like the look of a wooden handle, I like the mix of matte steel and wood and an even more important feature I forgot to mention - they are stackable.

I can store them in my kitchen cupboard next to the oven I’m quite a small cramped area with all 5 graters stacked upon each other. For me quite an important feature. You can’t do that with the rest of the Microplane models.

And you don’t need to sand them. Just give them a dab of mineral oil once in a while and they’re smooth as silk.

There’s no difference between the Premium and the Gourmet line handle wise.

I did, and a lot, the wood keep absorbing but never enough. I guess mine is really coarse.


Microplane course and fine

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Three microplanes, one long fine one with no handle purchased when they were not yet a common kitchen tool, a fine one and a coarse one with handles, a small cheese grater with its own box, and a box grater. Of course the FP has a grating disc too.


WoW that’s coarse !!!

I already owned 3 of the Microplane Master graters, and will now give these to my father - and they have far less coarse wooden handles than yours.

I think you’re right, you need to grind that handle down with some very fine sand paper.

We have these cheapo ones. Really digging those that you got, the wood looks great.



I have a box grater, a fine grater with no handle, and a nutmeg grater. All Microplane.


I am sure Microplane works too, but that sometime the texture is different. For example, for grating daikon radish or fresh wasabi.

I have a small grater for wasabi (and can be used for other things too like ginger).

One of these days I may even get a shark skin grater for the wasabi.



I have the ginger/garlic grater too, actually. It’s pretty nice.

I also have a ceramic grater (not my picture, but exactly this owl) too which is supposed to be more toward ginger and garlic. I have only used it 3-4 times and still learning if I like it.



Nice! Thanks.

I have a couple Microplane graters too, in larger and smaller sizes, a box grater by Cuisipro, and a ceramic grater by Kyocera that is really useful for grating ginger and also hard cheeses like parm and pecorino when you want a powdery texture rather than flaky.