What have you been watching lately?

Sometimes an otherwise fine movie can have too much plot. Such is the case with this damn good period crime-drama (Chicago, 1952). And I didn’t think the tacked on ending was necessary.

Great cast, and an excellent lead performance from Mark Rylance. It’s a compact movie that could have succeeded as a stage production as well (perhaps it would be superior in that medium). If you enjoy puzzle movies, you will probably like this one.

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Very sorry for your loss.

I know what you mean — it’s been an interesting process settling on something to watch for distraction since we unexpectedly lost my dad a couple of weeks ago. Nothing too serious, nothing that requires real attention, but nothing too flippant, and so on.


I am so sorry, @Lectroid. May your brother’s memory be a blessing and comfort to you and your family. And I hope you are able to find viewing to help give you that thoughtless amusement that can be so needed at times like this.

Just to pass time I would recommend Soul Plane, Daddy’s Home, and Borat. There’s a list of thousands of them which I can’t type here.
However, my favourite is the YouTube videos such as Doctor at Large. You can find the complete collections of such series. But again I am speaking as a Sri Lankan, I am not sure what your likes are. :slight_smile: And those YouTube videos are not high quality either.

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I enjoyed The Outfit. Definitely a sleeper.


Im snowed in today .i wasn’t about to shovel my truck out again. I will tomorrow. Then the rain starts Saturday. Yay .
So i watched Dinner Rush . Haven’t seen it in awhile. Great movie.


Yellowstone has been a surprisingly good distraction, though I’m blowing through it too quickly.

For anyone who is a Mel Brooks fan and remembers the “cliff hanger” ending to History of the World Part I, Hulu has a new series from Brooks, History of the World Part II. Only 40 years later. I remember watching the movie when I was in school. Not all the sketches are funny to me but there are some brilliant moments. Some classic Brooks stuff. Blasted through the entire series in one night. I think I’m going to get out my old dvd copy of Blazing Saddles.


Slightly embarrassed to admit that we’ve been watching Everybody Loves Raymond reruns on a local channel. Never watched it the first time around. Good TV show. I can see why it lasted so long.


“Hump or death?”

Ditto & ditto. Although my faves are High Anxiety and Young Frankenstein.

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I also rewatched ‘History of the World Pt I’, and it’s just as silly as I remember, and Madeline Kahn is still a national treasure and makes every scene she’s in an entire letter grade better just by her presence.

But for Brooks favorites, it’s Young Frankenstein all day, follow closely by The Producers (the original) and To Be Or Not To Be

And the series is… fine? I guess? I’m only a couple episodes in, and I’m not exactly burning through them. I often like Nick Kroll, but too much of him at once can grate…

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Brokeback Mountain

Somehow, I’d never gotten around to seeing this in all these years. My local indie theater was showing it as an ‘antidote’ to the Oscars, since it famously lost Best Picture that year to the absolutely awful Crash (which has aged like milk since).

It’s a beautiful picture, and the performances are top notch all around, but Heath Ledger… between this and his Dark Knight turn as the Joker, he genuinely could have been one greatest of his generation, and watching him be so incredibly expressive while playing a distinctly unexpressive and repressed person was just amazing. I feel foolish for not having seen it sooner. It should have won.

and, just off hand:

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

I watched this every day after school(taped off of HBO) for I don’t know HOW long. I and my nerdy little friends could all recite scenes from memory.

Still funny. And I can still sing most of the songs…

“He was not in the least bit scared
to be mashed into a pulp
or to have his eyes gouged out
and his elbows broken!
To have his kneecaps split
and his body burned away
and his limbs all hacked and mangled,
brave Sir Robin.”


Magnificent director, one of my faves. Eat drink man woman, the ice storm, and crouching tiger are my top picks… Loved brokeback mountain as well.

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I thought he did a wonderful job with Sense and Sensibility.

Just started Kitchen Commando on Tubi – their first original programming. The host is the massively-biceped Chef Andre Rush. Season 1 is all eateries in the DMV!

Is it any good? It sounds like the spawn of Kitchen Nightmares and Restaurant: Impossible.

What does the DMV have to do with food? Are they cooking for the starving people who’ve been queueing for hours?

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Yeah it’s good. I am familiar with a couple of the places. DMV = DC, Maryland, Virginia.

So far none of the places are truly disgusting like many on Kitchen Nightmares. More issues of stale menus, weak leadership, bland cooking…

Finally watched Women Talking which I liked, as The Banshees of Inisherin which I am surprised I didn’t like.
Also the Alex Cross movie which was okay.

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