What goes on your burger

I like mine with lettuce and tomato
Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes
Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer.

That’s a cheeseburger in paradise


No cheese on the first burger, cheese on top in the pictured burger.

There are certain flavors I like, even love but they HAVE to be in context or my brain yells WRONG! JUST WRONG!. Peanut butter is one. PB&J, cookies, Reese’s candy yum! On dumplings as a satay sauce…Yuck!

Spread some peanut butter on your burger.

That is one tall burger. Looks bite able. As for me nothing. I enjoy a grilled or fried bison burger cooked medium rare. That’s it.
I often compromise since cdc prefers twenty percent fat beef. If I can manage I get that from wegmans with a ground brisket blend but if not, shrug. Cdc likes his medium rare on a bun with mayo lettuce and a little bit of catsup, When I am in the galley with no bison in sight I like to toast a brioche hamburger bun from lidl and add sauteed onions and finely chopped raw onions too for me. No mayo but catsup. I will add a thin perfect slice of tomato if they are really in season. Medium rare for me. More towards rare. And I am fine with just burger, bun and catsup.

Don’t make those at home but had an amazing one once in Delaware. I added a bit of catsup.

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Agree on the quality of the beef. With really good beef or bison I don’t add anything at all, not even a bun. Then I get more fussy about a perfect medium rare.

The joy and the agony of this type of forum :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My favorites:

Home-grilled or nicer restaurant burger - brioche or potato bun, preferably toasted in butter, medium/medium rare patty, tomato, dill pickle slices, lettuce, mayo and ketchup on the top bun. More ketchup for dipping. I leave the bottom bun naked so it doesn’t fall apart. Cheese is usually too much for me with a rich, thick, juicy burger. I’ll make exceptions sometimes for a burger dressed with barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese or a patty melt with grilled onions, mushrooms, and cheese. I like a fancy remake of the Big Mac if done well.

Fast food/diner/smash burger - these are drier, so I spring for American cheese. If available I’ll add lettuce, tomato, mayo and bacon (Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger is a happy childhood sense memory).

I never put raw onion or mustard on a burger voluntarily. And I detest the minced, dried onions that McDonald’s puts on their burgers.


Yeah… thinking it would be a better replacement for the mayo and lettuce on my Hawaiian burger.

I usually keep it simple, but sometimes I try a fancy burger with BBQ sauce, etc.

This one I ordered 2 weeks ago had bacon, BBQ sauce, mushrooms and cheese.

The Safari Burger
Jalapeño Havarti, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onion and Bourbon BBQ sauce


Shack Burger - But way before the Shake Shack was founded there was another “Shack” in Playa Del Rey, CA… kinda of beachcomber dive bar/grill. Their signature “Shack Burger” was a very nice grilled 1/4 pounder with all the fixin’s - plus the burger was topped with a butterflied grilled Louisiana sausage.

Just checked and they’re STILL there (same owners)… so if you’re in the L.A. area definitely worth a visit!



Ideally, a lightly toasted brioche OR potato bun, ketchup on the bottom bun, medium-rare lightly salted/pepper 80/20 beef burger topped with Swiss or yellow American, sometimes Cheddar or Mozzarella cheese, crispy bacon, maybe some lettuce, top bun, and done. Sometimes I add caramelized onions on top of the cheese instead of bacon.

From this past Saturday using mozz and bacon:

From several years ago using mozz, caramelized onions, tomato and lettuce:

From several years ago using Gruyere, sauteed shrooms, lettuce & tomato:

It all depends on what I have in the house, and what I’m in the mood for.


YES on the L&W fries (thin-cut only; not steak fries), but a no on the mayo for fry dipping - just more ketchup for me.

And, of course, I sang your entire post in my head, @chienrouge

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The combo is perfection. I used to be a strictly mayo gal, but “got used to” ketchup years ago.

Ya know - like cilantro :wink: >ducks, then runs away<


Stop eating all those chips and fries… they are not good for you. Haven’t you heard? Just eat two hamburgers instead – double the healthiness.

Nutrition Tip: Protein, Fat, Carb Balance More Important Than Calories (businessinsider.com)


I’ve been doing a a burger with an iced coffee or a regular Coke/ Pepsi as a brunch or lunch for close to a decade.

I almost always regret ordering a burger with fries. I’m almost at the stage of Fish & Chips, hold the Chips.

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A burger without fries, or fried fish without chips, or breakfast without hash browns… are simply not burgers, fish, or breakfast!


I like the fish part anyway.

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