What Fish Cookbook?

I do an annual holiday book exchange with a colleague, and this year I’d like to pick a cookbook dedicated to fish and shellfish.

Suggestions for the best-in-class? I know about James Peterson’s “Fish & Shellfish”, but I seem to remember someone on the “other site” referring to a classic by a French chef…


I have the James Peterson book and think it’s great: very comprehensive.

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Thanks. I love his Sauces, but his fish book costs a little more than I’m willing to ask my colleague to spend. Ouch!

Rick Moonen’s “Fish Without a Doubt”


Thanks, that’s a contender. It gets high praise. Do you have it, and what do you like about it?


I know I’d appreciate one that also includes frozen fish. Yes, I know that isn’t ideal, but it can be very handy as a freezer staple and for people on a budget.

Don’t own it but liked Rick and his food on TC Masters

Moonen’s book covers a lot of territory (many, many recipes) and he (and his collaborator) write very well, giving clear instructions. The visual component provides excellent guidance. The recipes run the gamut from somewhat complex to very easy. The section on sauces is excellent. I have Peterson’s book and Moonen’s is a nice accompaniment. (By the way, you probably can get Peterson’s book discounted on line.)

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Thanks. I ended up going a different direction on the book exchange (Pepin’s “New Techniques…”), but I also bought myself a used copy of Peterson’s “Fish…” for 98 CENTS on Amazon!


Wow! Nice bargain, dude.

I have Fish Without a Doubt and it is a nice book, although I would recommend it mostly for less-experienced cooks. I found most of the recipes a bit simplistic (i.e., simply broiled or grilled fish with XYZ sauce), but the techniques he utilizes are very useful, especially for those who rarely cook fish.

Agree! Love this book, and I didn’t think I needed a fish cookery book.

Agree. Fish Without a Doubt is by far the best fish/seafood book I’ve seen/used.

Since we belong to a CSF and cook fish once or twice a week, on my book shelves are probably 10 cookbooks that focus on seafood. “Fish Without A Doubt” is the most frequent book I use. Yes, his techniques are superb but so are his many recipes for complete dishes which include various sauces and side dishes.

The Peterson book is grand and full of useful information. You’ll enjoy that one.

Thank you to all that mentioned Fish without a Doubt. I got a used copy (very nice condition, was a library book) for $12 and I love it - lots of interesting recipes!

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Elsie… Just wait till you start cooking from the book. We use only Moonen’s cooking techniques when we cook seafood, even when we use other recipes from other authors. They’re That reliable. Good luck and do let us know how you fare.

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Made the “chicken fried cod” last night from Fish WIthout a Doubt. Excellent! best prep of cod I have ever made.
I cut 1/2" medallions from a cod loin and substituted plain yogurt for the buttermilk. Will def make this again and again and will try other fish with the recipe. Thanks all for the rec.
When I told my H I was making ‘chicken fried cod’ he said “great, chicken fried anything is good”. I had never had chicken fried anything before but I associated it with steak which I don’t eat. So a new one for me.

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