What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


When the Oilers were really good the Astros were just as bad.

The following could never happen today.

They had a promotion called a foamer and if the Astros hit a homer during an even minute it was free beer for the rest of night, none of this 8th inning cut off.

The Astros weren’t exactly sluggers back then, the Dome dimensions were the size of the Grand Canyon plus the ball didn’t carry so a foamer was a rare event. I was there when the Big Red Machine was in town, Pete Rose always killed us but somehow they hit one so it was on but I only got one because the Reds drew a big crowd.

Attendance was lagging so they expanded it to striking out an opponent on an even minute. I’ll never forget it, Richie Hebner of the Pirates struck out in the top of the first, the place was empty, and it was all the bad Dome Foam you could drink, they even let you carry it out. I’m surprised my buddy and I didn’t puke or wreck, I do remember staggering around the parking lot looking for my truck.


I found this

" The Habit Burger Grill is a California -based burger chain that started in Santa Barbara in 1969. It has locations all over the Golden State, six locations in Arizona, five in Utah, and that’s it. According to the website, New Jersey will soon be home to the only Habit Burger Grill on the East Coast.Jul 24, 2014


The Country’s Best Burger Comes From A Chain You’ve Probably …


There is a link in the link that describes “fast casual” ( vs fast food).

"### Fast-food alternatives: Readers’ choices for fast-casual restaurants

Fast-casual restaurants are a step up from fast food (Chipotle describes its fare as “farm to face”). They usually serve higher-quality fare, charge higher menu prices, and focus more on a dine-in rather than drive-through experience. And they’re big on breakfast. The ones listed were among the most praiseworthy. McAlister’s Deli gets the award for most improved. The chain’s score increased significantly since our 2011 report.

Here are the restaurants at the top of the list.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Firehouse Subs

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Jason’s Deli

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

McAlister’s Deli

Panera Bread



Just to avoid confusion… that article on Habit Burger is several years old. They now have almost 300 locations and are in 5 or 6 western states and in the East in states like PA, NJ, and more through the Carolinas.



They must be doing something right! The one near me is probably two years old. Maybe I should check it out.

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For those on a low carb diet, they do have a burger served in an iceberg lettuce “bun”. It’s actually very good.


Good to know! That’s how I get mine from In and Out.


And a pretty decent veggie burger option. At least my wife says so.


And they must have changed a bit from when I last ate at one about 40 years ago :slight_smile: I’d check them out if they open a place in NYC. I do notice that while they don’t have a place in NYC they have SIX in Shanghai.


(JITB “fake tacos”)
$1.19 for two here in Las Vegas, but still a great deal. Really good with extra hot sauce, and dipped in ranch sauce.


(“The Habit”) Yes. Best burger of its ilk. Less $ than 5 Guys and much better, IMO. Great char-grilled flavor. Good grilled chicken too.


I would only object to the term fake. They are their own reality.
My favorite and reminds me of greasy deep fried tacos growing up in KC. Ain’t nothing better than the real thing, but In-A-Tub is 2000 light years from home.


Yes, they are. A friend called them “dog food tacos”, and since then, my highly suggestible GF refuses to eat them.


Not about chains, but stumbled upon it.

The Central Valley Is the Heart and Soul of California


Has anyone seen this? People are literally bashing a 5 year old girl for liking tacobell


I see no bashing of girl. I see bashing of Taco Bell (and internet). To whit:

<Taco Bell seems to be taking that pure, unadulterated glee and turning it into a commercial, and brands are not your friends, and this is a corporate coopting of a young’s girl affinity for burritos. Why can’t we just have nice things? Why is she “TACO BELL GIFT CARD GIRL” and not Natalie? She has a
name , internet.">

Am I missing something?


I bought the Wifeacita a Wing Stop gift card for Christmas, I usually alternate every year with Whataburger.

By the way, they’re stocking stuffers and it gives us a chance to say Merry Christmas again when we redeem them.


The child’s mother called her “Taco Bell gift card girl” on twitter when she was thanking Taco Bell for the swag!

People just seem to be looking for things to get up in arms about. It’s almost as though the huge problems in the world are too much so they hyper-focus on perceived slights/belittlements/privelige.

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Yeah I’m not seeing any bashing, what am I missing? Corporate exploitation of a cute little girl, sure I see that, but not bashing.


I was checking out some social media stuff. People just want to hate. See youtube

One said something about how this little girl likes eating dog food. Most of the hate is directed at tb but other idiots are putting her down too.

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Sadly you are correct.