What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


My favorite is using these in a Serious Eats cheat! (“fans of those chik fil a nuggets”, not White Castle, although I ate a lot of that in the sixties).



Looks like it was Popeye’s! I do like Popeye’s!

“Popeye Tso’s Chicken (General Tso’s Chicken Made with Popeye’s Chicken Nuggets) Recipe”


I’m not sure it really counts since there are only four or five locations (mostly in California but by some miracle there’s one close to me in Colorado) , but Los Alazanes is my favorite fast food. Great tacos(especially the carnitas) among other things. They have an excellent orange colored taco sauce that none of the other taquerias here have. Very quick drive-thru.

Smashburger was another favorite, but they didn’t manage to survive here, so the nearest location is probably a couple of hundred miles away now. Freddy’s Steakburgers opened here not too long ago, but that just doesn’t do it for me.

I enjoy an occasional meal from Long John Silver’s, but the nearest is about 60 miles away, so I only have it when I’m passing through on my way to somewhere and then only if I’m in a hurry.

I like Del Taco a little better than Taco Bell. A Del Beef burrito (or two) is my usual order from there. I bring it home and add more cheese, so that may be cheating. I like the Chili Cheese burrito from Taco Bell, but it’s been so long since I’ve been to the Taco Bell here that has that item that I’m not sure if they still offer it. I can’t resist Taco Bell’s caramel apple empanada. That may be my favorite thing they sell.

Wienerschnitzl’s chili cheese dogs(with onions) are greater than the sum of their parts, and I enjoy those occasionally.

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I still like Arby’s - but just the regular RB sandwich with plenty of Horsey Sauce. I also love Five Guys burgers but still need to get to Smashburger and Shake Shack. And yes, White Castle - just the sliders. What makes them so good? It’s been a long time since my most recent WC though!


If you live in the Western states or PA down to North Carolina you have the fast-growing Habit Burger Grill chain. Their Santa Barbara style burger is, IMHO, better than anything I’ve had at Shake Shack… and they have very good fries and onion rings. The menu is a very large step up from places like McDs, Carl’s/Hardee’s, BK and the like. So is the price, but ‘you get what you pay for’.

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There is a Habit Burger here in NJ too and I like it. Although I don’t have a ton of experience with a variety of burger chains, it is certainly MUCH better than 5 Guys, the closest thing I have had to it. (It’s well above Mc’ D’s or BK and the like)

@Chemicalkinetics I also don’t believe Chuck E Cheese is fast food, it’s more an entertainment place that provides food. I will admit though, I kind of have a bad pizza fetish, like I hate bad pizza, but I also can’t say no to it. I HATE Domino’s - Little Cesare - Pappa Racist - etc. etc. pretty much any conveyor belt pizza. However if you offer me a slice I’ll still eat half a pie!!!

@jcostiones When I was a kid in the 70’s Pizza Hut in PA (not NJ) served beer too. So my cousins would take me on an hour plus road trip to go to Pizza Hut, I would be like but there’s one 10 minutes from home!! It was all about the beer…(which now I completely understand…if there was a Mc Donalds Martini Bar I would probably live there)


Close, but no cigar:

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Wow…no cigar but still after a few martini’s when you completely give up on life, finishing the night with a couple burgers and a brew could become a “thing”. lol

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Let’s face it. It is probably low quality beer being served at Mac D.

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Let’s face it, at 3am after a half dozen martini’s who cares what quality the beer is. It’s Mc’ Donalds for Pete’s sake, they aren’t selling quality burgers either. lol


The conveyer belt pizza is in the Hall of Fame of man’s worst inventions. Having said this they order “pizza” from the little 3 plus cardboard Costco on occasion at work and I’ll knock down a slice or two to assuage my hunger but I won’t pay for it.

While you were going to the Pa. Pizza Hut in the 70s I had one in walking distance with beer but usually just hopped on the motorcycle.


That describes the Dome Foam served at the Astrodome but we guzzled it like we were in the desert and stumbled upon an oasis.


We’ll be all eyes for a peek at your tasting notes:


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But you are at the Astrodome for the sport, not for the beer. :slight_smile:


Beer, pizza, motorcycles, and no helmets…that’s a good night right there! Ah the good old days.

As for taco bell, I seem to gravitate only toward stuff with their cheese sauce now and I like to bring my own hot sauce when I am doing drive through. I don’t go much, but sometimes I want some junk food.

I presume the answer is yes, but does your Costco have those big thick cheesy slices? The ones here aren’t great but they fill you up and I’m sure they are a ton of calories.


I hope they do not view this as a character flaw.

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Said Gary Busey never.


Hints of sewer water, always tepid, buzz inducing, severe headache guaranteed the next day, but my esteemed colleagues and I can’t stop drinking it it’s that bad, I mean good. The worst thing was they didn’t start selling this gem until 12 noon, which was kick-off time, so somebody had to be sacrificed for the other six season ticket holders. We had good seats so the beer vendors never made it that far until much later.

Do not spill any on yourself or clothing, the smell will not go away.

Even worse: The Oilers made a big play early and a friend got up to cheer and dumped an entire cup of the cherished Foam on the lady in front of us. He was rewarded with many dirty looks and the knowledge of wasting a truly bad full cup of “beer.”


The company pays for it but the youngsters at work might think it a character flaw that I don’t buy chain pizza and drive 20-30 minutes for the real stuff.


I was about two minutes away from Pizza Hut and had better beer at home for a lot less so I rarely ate there. It was illegal to ride without a helmet in Texas back in the 70’s but legal now, go figure.

I gave up riding in my early 20s, a guy from high school bought a bike like mine, Yamaha RD 350 a screamer. He lost his leg and a childhood friend almost lost his. I figured the chips were stacked against me so I cashed them in.