What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


Wendy’s could be my favorite chain back in the States if they offered this deal.

(Jim Beam or draft beer) + a side dish = $4.50

That’s a Happy Meal that makes me happy!!!

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STOP THE MADNESS and book me a ticket to wherever that is!!!


Dealmaking at its best?

Beam Suntory sold the First Kitchen chain to Wendy’s, who after abandoning Japan is attempting a comeback. First Kitchen was probably a somewhat important outlet for Suntory products, so the deal likely required Wendy’s to maintain some realistic purchase volume (such as First Kitchen’s deal date sales of whiskey and beer) over some period.


Here’s a hint, and chain related at that. :wink:

Madness? This is madness.

AYCE Kobe Beef dinner. Two hour time limit. Sure, they won’t be dishing out A5. But with high Japanese hospitality ethics, one can be confident tucking in that satisfaction is guaranteed.

Will try to take one for the team and report back.


Good sleauthing! That explains it, somewhat.


Beam Suntory cleaned up its balance sheet, kept its sales volume, and maintained brand visibility. Wendy’s got a fresh credible start in a market that had proved difficult for it. And the consumer’s (particularly NotJr’s) choices were enhanced. Everybody could win – the best kind of deal.


Will have to go in for a ball and a bat (shot w/beer back). Even better if the Wendy’s chili is one of the options.


Boilermaker or two-step too.

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Wendy’s was one of the stocks I loved while buying it at what I considered “affordable” prices. It’s been a train wreck since Dave Thomas died. :disappointed_relieved:


Please do this!! I’ve never seen anything like it.


Hooters?? :wink:

Will hit the beef in a coupla day’s. When we come to Japan, the travel companion has to sate her craving for raw seafood before I get to scratch my itches.

If you YouTube, search for mike Chen all you can eat Kobe. He’s done a couple of fun tubes of his eats.

In keeping with the chains thread. Ichiran has stores throughout Japan. We like small hole wall shop too, but Ichiran has its place in our rotation.


Please make sure to take some pics and bring a scale to weigh the amount of meat you inhale :smile:

(Eileen Schwab) #193

I have had two Burger King Whoppers in my life. It has left me with an aching desire to get another one some day. I don’t know why it has hit that urge, but one of these days I’m going to get another one.


Wow, it seems like this particular bucket list item would be easy to get done. Don’t postpone joy!:slight_smile:


Not worth the calories, in my opinion!

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Ok so you’ve had 2 Whoppers in your life, I can honestly relate I bet I’ve had less than a dozen myself. My question is do you have a fast food favorite? Have you had a dozen + Big Mac’s or Wendy’s or something? Is just a dislike of Burger King or all fast food?


I’m left trying to decide if I’ve had 100s of Whoppers or 1000s of Whoppers.
Not sure whether that places me closer to Heaven or Hell.


This is something I missed 1st time.
I’m mystified by the the term Giant JBC., a basic contradiction in terminology to me.
These guys swear by it though:


Were you around when Whoppers were cooked to order and you could see yours coming of the grill? They were the best fast food burger.


Definitely. Char broiled!
It was a teen hangout for us and I’m now 66
so that’s why I’ve lost count. I always preferred them to Big Macs because I’ve never been a secret sauce fan.
And thousand island still doesn’t make a good burger condiment!