What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?

I haven’t been to Jack in the Box forever. (I don’t believe you don’t know how it tastes)


We had a Jack in the Box in the late 1980’s. My friend used to work there when he was 18. He said the deep fried tacos were superb. I never had anything from that place. Because Taco Bell (RIP) was the thing for me in those days.

I know it sounds implausible but I did make it home without even a sip of the shake!
I haven’t been to JIB in probably 15 years and was a little shocked at the prices - the ultimate cheeseburger was $9.00. I had to download the app to get the free shake and they have some good deals like 2 burgers for $5, so I will try the burgers at some point I’m sure.

That shake looks tasty. I loved the Shamrock Shake in the 80’s from McDonald’s. Have not had one since because they CHANGED the way they make them (what else is new). Now they put vanilla shake into the cup and then pour a green liquid into it. That is NOT how it was. They used to have the mint shake expel from the machine already mixed! So it probably sucks nowadays. I don’t know.

Funny, I haven’t had a Shamrock shake since I was a kid\teen (so 70s-early 80s0. I was always disappointed because it was nothing but a vanilla shake colored green.

St. Patrick’s Day is mostly a celebration of green food dye.




Ok. I guess you are a better man than me — I probably would take a sip at some point. Yeah, some fast food prices are going up. I was told that the grill chicken sandwich at Chic fil A is $7-8

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Really? I remember the last time i had one is mint flavored

Maybe the franchisee of my local McDs was cheap?

$7.5 for the basic grilled chicken sandwich and $9.6 for the upgrade

Once the tax kicks in….

Love Original Tommy’s – SoCal and Las Vegas areas only, but their chili cheese dogs and chili cheese fries are some of my favorite cheat foods! Chili burgers and tamales are also good, too, just not the thing of cravings for me.


I think so. Because the Shamrock Shake was always spearmint flavored the last time I had one in the 80’s. It was not just vanilla shake colored green. Definitely mint. That is what made it great. Nowadays I do not know. Then don’t forget that Friendly’s used to make a Peppermint Stick ice cream in the half gallon containers. It was a solid pink in color with very tiny red bits of peppermint candy (small as fresh ground pepper grains). And this red peppermint candy was just like pulverized candy canes. I bet this great ice cream is gone too.

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I haven’t thought of that in years (decades?) Then again, I haven’t been to a Friendly’s in years (decades?). There’s a local dairy near me that makes some excellent ice cream and interesting flavors–they do a candy cane ice cream from November through about January. It’s white mint with little bits of candy canes. And of course since the cows are right there and the ice cream is made there it’s probably superior to the Friendly’s flavor we remember.

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I like Tommy’s, too. They have one of the biggest discrepancies between the staged photo on their website:
and the real thing:
Extra napkins, please!


The best. Though No napkins – paper towel dispensers bolted to wall above “counter” also bolted to concrete block:


Nothing better than to have a local dairy. When I was a kid I had both a dairy and an apple orchard. Had milk available in glass bottles. The best there is. Although not as good as my parents had with the superior milk that was NOT Pasteurized. Pasteurization destroys beneficial bacteria we need. It was all a lie about sicknesses with raw milk. Natural is the way to go. People today have all kinds of allergies and one of the causes is Pasteurization. Not going to mention the other causes. And that apple orchard that gave us fresh pure natural squeezed apple cider right from the orchard in the backyard. Well eventually the Feds forced the family owners to Pasteurize the cider. That was the end of that place. You see government destroys all that is good. Europe does not do any of it. Their food is natural without artificial ingredients or processes. That is why their candies are delicious.


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Today, I love Dairy Queen.

Because today (March 20 – first day of Spring) – they are giving away a free cone, no strings attached.


It’s also the annual free water ice day at Rita’s. Not sure if that counts as fast food. Not even sure it’s national.