What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?

I enjoyed a Butter Burger on my way back to Canada from Pittsburgh, pre -Plague. Great chain burger! Popular place with the after church crowd, at the location we visited! Will return. I think it’s the best fast food chain burger I’ve had in the States.

I have barely eaten at chains or any other restaurants since March 2020, other than a couple meals from Popeye’s, and Mary Browns (Cdn fried chicken chain). I used to get food at McD’s, Starbucks and Tim Hortons once or twice a week, often before getting on a train or starting a long drive.

Over the past 19 mos, I’ve had a couple baked goods and breakfast sandwiches from Starbucks drive- thru. One Wendy’s junior bacon cheeseburger. I’ve become fussier about takeout fast food.

I really like Popeye’s and Mary Brown’s fried chicken.



Daym’s Stream of Consciousness about the Chipotle Cheddar Cheese Chalupa from Taco Bell -


Four years late to the thread, but 15 years ago I spent 2 months in Indonesia, then a couple weeks in the Cameron HIghlands of Malaysia. When my train pulled into the station at Kuala Lumpur, I spied an A&W cafe in the station. I ordered an Uncle Burger (?) which was a single beef patty with cheese and pickles if memory serves. Plus I ordered the Root Beer shake.
Oh… My… Goodness… Was that good! It didn’t hurt that I was Jones’ing for Western food, either.


Being a pizza lover my go-to pizza place is Domino’s. I just love their pizzas, my personal favorite is Peppy Paneer (an amalgamation of paneer, capsicum, red paprika & lots of cheese :heart_eyes: ) and Cheese and Corn ( not too fancy yet perfect for someone who loves the combo of corn and goodness of cheese).

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Paneer Pizza sounds delicious! I checked my local Dominos in the States and, unfortunately, they don’t make it.
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Krispy Krunch (most frequently found within gas station mini-marts) will expand your Cajun chicken choices.

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