What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?

I enjoyed a Butter Burger on my way back to Canada from Pittsburgh, pre -Plague. Great chain burger! Popular place with the after church crowd, at the location we visited! Will return. I think it’s the best fast food chain burger I’ve had in the States.

I have barely eaten at chains or any other restaurants since March 2020, other than a couple meals from Popeye’s, and Mary Browns (Cdn fried chicken chain). I used to get food at McD’s, Starbucks and Tim Hortons once or twice a week, often before getting on a train or starting a long drive.

Over the past 19 mos, I’ve had a couple baked goods and breakfast sandwiches from Starbucks drive- thru. One Wendy’s junior bacon cheeseburger. I’ve become fussier about takeout fast food.

I really like Popeye’s and Mary Brown’s fried chicken.


Daym’s Stream of Consciousness about the Chipotle Cheddar Cheese Chalupa from Taco Bell -


Four years late to the thread, but 15 years ago I spent 2 months in Indonesia, then a couple weeks in the Cameron HIghlands of Malaysia. When my train pulled into the station at Kuala Lumpur, I spied an A&W cafe in the station. I ordered an Uncle Burger (?) which was a single beef patty with cheese and pickles if memory serves. Plus I ordered the Root Beer shake.
Oh… My… Goodness… Was that good! It didn’t hurt that I was Jones’ing for Western food, either.


Being a pizza lover my go-to pizza place is Domino’s. I just love their pizzas, my personal favorite is Peppy Paneer (an amalgamation of paneer, capsicum, red paprika & lots of cheese :heart_eyes: ) and Cheese and Corn ( not too fancy yet perfect for someone who loves the combo of corn and goodness of cheese).

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Paneer Pizza sounds delicious! I checked my local Dominos in the States and, unfortunately, they don’t make it.
:expressionless: :pizza:

Krispy Krunch (most frequently found within gas station mini-marts) will expand your Cajun chicken choices.

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It’s been so long since I ate at a fast food chain. Maybe over 5 yrs between barrel tastings in Kentucky. May have been McDonalds or Wendy’s

We went to a McD’s in Bavaria prior to a road trip. I was amazed at the pastries there. The counter was almost bigger than the order window and the goods looked extremely high-end, especially for McDonald’s. But I got a sausage Egg McMuffin, as is my custom.


Remember the same at MCD on the Piazza del Duomo in Milan.


Very nice McD’s with clean restrooms in Vatican City.

A cute Burger King in Chamonix.

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My favorite fast-food chain is KFC and I love eating KFC burgers.

Isn’t Chipotle “fast-casual” and not “fast food”? I know that may be sort of pedantic but I am a tax lawyer after all. LOL


I consider Chipotle fast food.
I’m also a pedantic lawyer, FWIW. :rofl:


Well the word “fast” is part of fast casual and chipotle does serve “food”……

This is why we get the big bucks! :joy::joy::joy:

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And Chipotle definitely ain’t Slow Food.

KFC has burgers? Kentucky Fried Chicken?

FWIW, I think Fast Casual deserves it’s own category. You can order a medium rare burger at a fast casual place. Not saying you’ll get it, but you might.


Yeah. Apparently, there is this wave that KFC did for the chicken sandwich.

The only places in Canada allowed to serve burgers medium rare are places that grind their own meat in house. None of the places they do that are fast casual chains up here!

Are they beef or chicken burgers?

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