What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


It’s actually in several other categories, including the hot dogs. I think because it’s kind of a classic summertime clambake kind of thing.

(Denise) #62

Whoa, I was a fan of the Wendy’s baked potato back in the day too. I seem to recall that a broccoli and melted cheese topping was available as well.

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I was recently on a road trip up to Mohegan Sun in the Pocono’s and we stopped for lunch on the way at a Wendy’s. (Waffle House had 30 minute wait, ironically it was the same day of the Waffle House shooting although a different location) I haven’t been to a Wendy’s in years so I couldn’t help but order the baconator, and while it was good, it was smaller than I had remembered it. Did Wendy’s reduce the size of their burgers?

Although I didn’t have it, Wendy’s chili was always “decent” for a fast food options and the broccoli and cheese baked potato was the bomb!!

Anyone remember when Wendy’s has the buffet? lol

(Gwenn) #64

Yes, I do. When we visited my cousin in Florida we did lunch there a couple of times -long time ago!

(Junior) #65

Hahahaha it was the most ridiculous things. I remember they had spaghetti on it, and anytime you took the tongs to get some spaghetti it was always a huge clump/ball of pasta. You would literally pick up half the pan like a knotted ball of yarn, it was such low quality food. I was a teenager I don’t know what they charged for it but it was truly a miserable buffet. lol

(Gwenn) #66

That is the only thing I remember that was on it! Awful stuff!


I was kinda weird as a kid, not into the cheese sauce and i think it was high school before i would eat cooked broccoli (loved it raw though) so i would make those odd creations with the little salad bar they had.


The “buffet” of the wendy’s of my childhood was like a salad bar, i think there was pasta salad? But nothing hot on it. That spaghetti sounds terrifying!

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Where did you grow up? Mine had a salad bar and hot food, this included the aforementioned pasta, I think the sauce was “bolognese” made from expiring burger meat I’m sure. I also think they had make your own potatoes and a couple other things. It wad definitely hot and cold. (In NJ)


Didn’t Wendy’s have the taco salad bar? I remember we used to go up and ski in NY. On the way home my buddy used to see how much food he could fit on one plate. Ridiculous! Ah to be young and dumb again…priceless.


California, we went to the one in Monterey near Dad’s office as a “treat” maybe one a month or less. My mom liked their basic cheeseburger (naked, only mustard) and my sister shared my enthusiasm for frostys.

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Actually that might be ringing familiar to me!! Maybe the sauce wasn’t bolognese, maybe I was just covering it with taco meat!! lol


I think you very well could be thinking of the wendys taco bar! They were not that abundant, and probably for good reason lol. It was a mix of weird stuff and I think the taco meat was indeed chopped up burgers. After a day of skiing the triple quarter pounder was my choice.


I think this is it …



Growing up, when there were still West Coast locations, we’d hit Rax on our rare fast food expeditions: salad bar, many baked potato options, and what I remember as very good chocolate shakes.

Taco Bell was a safe option (and still is, I’m guessing) for a family of mostly vegetarians; the seven layer burrito worked, as did other burritos if one ordered without meat. For a time they had a taco salad that could be made vegan, too. No idea if they still offer that.


Oh, wow - I remember I used to mix/match between the pasta and Mexican foods, creating some really amazingly wonderful (or, from an adult standpoint, dreadfully repulsive) concoctions.

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OMG CJ that might be the best thing you have ever posted!!! Talk about a walk back on memory lane! 1988 the Superbar was $2.99!!! Ha!! I can actually tell my grandchildren: “When I was your age I use to be able to eat unlimited buffet for $2.99. Of course I had to walk there up-hill both ways, wearing my brothers shoes because we only had one pair in the house, but in my day that’s how it was”.


Potato tacos are $1 these days. TB actually bucked the rising price tide and brought back an extensive $1 menu. Not bad.


Don’t forget the driving, blinding snow and snowdrifts!

I had no idea they offer potato tacos! Those sound rather tasty.


I thought you might like that! Does roys still have the “fixins bar?”

Weren’t both shoes left footed? I think that’s how my grandfather used to tell that story. Lol