What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?

You’ve got great stories @small_h!

I’ve posted earlier on this topic, but my favorites have changed; yes, I’m fickle I guess!

I don’t eat fast food often, and don’t like the places we have in my town. I used to like Taco Time (smallish NW chain), but no longer endorse them. Mediocre food, and way too salty. They’re off the list.

Number #1 - In And Out Burger
Number #2 - Popeye’s

Neither are local, but Popeyes is just over a toll bridge to nearest city, maybe 10 miles away. In N Out Burger farther away and always crowded. Usually only eat there on vacation, and totally love it. The cheeseburgers taste like they did in the old days, and I have reason to believe they adhere to extremely high QC standards. Actually glad neither are that close to where I live. But yum on those rare occasions of indulgence.

I just love Arby’’'s roast beef with Arby’s and horsey sauce. It’s the only thing I’ve ever ordered from there,

EDIT - I made the mistake of ordering a gyro once-

I will occasionally get a jamocha shake, they just have a way about them


What’s the difference in taste/texture between flounder and halibut? I ask because I’ve never had flounder.

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Me too. And it has to be the regular size or the bun is weird!

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire question.

“Which popular food chain restaurant with a type of dwelling in its name has been around the longest, opening its first location in Wichita, KS in 1921?”

A: Pizza Hut

B: Shake Shack

C: Waffle House

D: White Castle


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@MsBean, White castle, at least on the east coast. We went there after dance lessons near long Island in the 60’s .

I just had the Popeyes fish sandwich, and while it was bigger and spicier, it was a lot like Micky D’s. , which I sometimes like or need.

I didn’t finish it, and would just get Micky D’s next time. Smaller (which i like), and closer.



This was 10 years ago, so 100 years is here!


Interesting article. My father worked for White Castle back in the 50’s and he credits them for bringing him to NJ from Virginia as they were expanding and needed help, so they recruited in the south where there was booming unemployment at the time.


Oh man, I so miss Arby’s roast beef. Years ago I worked in an office with an Arby’s close enough to hit for lunch hour from time to time. Now, the closest one to me is at least an hour away, so it’s been years (a decade or more?) since I had one. That said, I now eat fast food maybe once every two or three years.


No; I’m not sure what that is. Ballet and tap.

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The Takeout: The best fast food fish sandwiches, ranked.


Culver’s? Captain D’s? No fair, they don’t have locations in CA [I’d never heard of either before reading this]

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Captain D’s- no big deal.
Culver’s is supposed to be the bomb according to operatives on the ground.

I have not had, having not been back to the middle of the country lately.
Behind the lines.

Cotillion is a mostly Southern tradition of teaching ballroom dancing to young people. In the old days it led up to debutante balls. Essentially prepares you to function in 19th century Vienna. grin Waltz, foxtrot, samba, tango, cha-cha, other dances I don’t remember until the music starts. Every other Saturday night for six years.


Your mom did this to you?
Or, more likely…

More like this

although more modern dances were also taught to keep the kids coming. Lots of swing which turned out to be very handy (really) at school dances and even some disco era stuff (which is when I was in cotillion).


Well that fish sandwiches does look really good. I’m making a mental note in case I find myself in the vicinity of a Culver’s.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold