What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?

What do you guys think about this?

I want to make a popeyes joke badly but I’ll behave :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Arby’s in my neighborhood could pass for a library. Has a dining room just smaller than BK, never anyone squatting and eating when I’ve breezed in to get a fix of the chain’s Sliders.

Is this Arby;s in an airport? Or, Mall Of America?

Totally new and exotic to me @TheCookie - never seen or heard of it, but I am a West Coaster…

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It’s from Seattle. They had it at Ralphs in L.A. for a while but it didn’t sell very well. It’s super refreshing without all the syrup and fake fruit.

Thanks - it looks good @TheCookie. I guess I need to get out more…

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Personally, I love it

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(dear lord am I really about to reference “my generation”)

Funny, I’m from a generation when that was the rule for children, not the exception. You were seen and not heard, especially at the dinner table.


Presumably along the lines of a grown-up should know better than . . .


You don’t take your kids out for something to eat with the idea of going off parenting duty. I don’t care if it’s only a picnic table at a hot dog stand, children need to learn that public spaces are to be respected. This is a “teachable moment”. People need to realize that others are as stressed and exhausted as they, and that those others deserve some “space”.


We were just at a happy hour at a nice mid-market restaurant, because it was that awkward time between too many errands to have lunch and now ready for dinner but too early. We saw a couple with two young children keeping quiet, more than likely because each had on headphones and was glued to a handheld screen while the grown-ups pretended to be parents.


And just like that it was over…


Posting the sign without notifying corporate wasn’t smart either.

Asking a very disruptive customer to leave can be addressed in the moment or by a call to the police without a sign that only results in outcry.

Companies really need to better train staff in people skills and emergency protocols and when to implement those skills.

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I was taught to be a little gentleman when I grew up, and my girls were taught to be little ladies from day one…
Without a doubt, the “parents” have a responsibility to teach their children. Should they not than the kids should be asked to stay… and sign should say the parents have to leave!!!


I’m in full support of this too. I don’t believe the policy is suggesting that any disruption means the kid and family are not welcome. I think it means (or at least, I believe it should mean) that if the parent isn’t even making a reasonable attempt to reign their child in, then the family must go.

I’ve seen kids running around wild and darting in front of waitstaff who are holding hot foods or trays of heavy dishes. It’s as much for the kids’ and the waitstaff’s safety, to keep this in check. Just this weekend, I was out with my family eating at a neighborhood restaurant. A neighboring table had several kids and a 2-3 year old who kept insisting on a high-pitched scream every minute for about 30 minutes. Jeez louise – and the parent wasn’t even trying to tell the kid to stop. They just were going about looking at the menu. Another table (lots of families!) had parents entertaining their kids with a phone, and they were watching some cartoon - volume on full blast.

Holy cow, just because I’m not at a 5 star restaurant doesn’t mean I want screaming in one ear and cartoons blasting in the other.


I think rules or public protocol applies to everyone and even pets traveling with people. Without some understanding of public behavior there can be issues. By the time there are problems blame is a childish response. It’s already too late. Expecting the public to know how to behave is never easy. Having corporate better edu and prepare their staff to take a reasonable position while only half the answer, of course rests on customers understanding their own behavior in public matters.


I like the signs that say if you have a wild child, management will feed them candy and send them home with a puppy.

I’ve seen other ones up here in coffee country that state disobedient, unruly children will be given a free double espresso. :joy::joy:


That’s the spirit!

Give them coffee and then a whistle! as they leave!!! (LOL)

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I thought I was pretty good at parenting with my first. My mentor said thinking you know what you are doing is how “they” get you to have another.


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