What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


Wendy’s frosty before dairy and i had to break up.
As a kid the Wendy’s near us had huge baked potatoes and a little salad bar, i would get the potato and add olives, tomatoes and onions from the salad bar. And then smother it in ketchup.
We would share a side of fries but i was really just focused on the frosty.

Now i love by Chloe but not the fries. The guacamole burger is probably my most favorite, or the thai salad because of the peanutty dressing.


We’re teammates thinning out the herd. Beef, chicken, oysters, fish, crawfish, lobster, I must be leaving something out and it’s not lamb but I will do cabrito.

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So you are part of the force of natural selection?


Yup…lol. do you guys have any fast food crawfish?

I wish those would become more popular here. I love those tiny buggers. @brucesw let’s here something! Big fan of your awesome food adventures down there.

@joonjoon I know you can knock this one out of the park too


I became a fan of Amy’s when my eight year old daughter became a vegetarian (Humane Society summer camp documentary). I have to say I never loved their items, but I love their restaurant. If we lived closer, I would go way more often. They say they want to make it a chain, so maybe you’ll get one some day!


I haven’t seen any but they have them in the neighboring country of Louisiana. The mind numbing drive of 350 miles of Houston-New Orleans down I-10 forced me off the Interstate and on to Highway 90.

I’m rarely in a hurry when I travel and getting off the interstate gives you a sample of the towns you normally blow by.

It was crawfish season and every town was ringed with small crawfish growing areas and think food truck kinda small but with crawfish to go.

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Which is exactly how I feel about Arby’s roast beef!


Those in the know order fries at I-n-O “extra crispy”. That solves the flabbiness problem.

Has anyone here tried Freddy’s? They are expanding out of their midwest origins to quite a few new areas. They have excellent burgers and fries – the burgers are thin with a crispy edge so you order the classic double. The fries are shoestring and nicely crisped. They also (currently) offer cheese curds , Chicago-style dogs, chile-cheese fries, and custard in many forms. They tend to locate a bit away from interstates, seemingly to focus more on local business.


I think “love” would be too strong a word, but I like Del Taco or El Pollo Loco in emergencies. El Pollo Loco’s chicken is surprisingly good.


Not good news; we hope something good replaced it.

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It is not bad. I only learned El Pollo Loco in this few months.


I also like El Pollo Loco, but the closest one is maybe half an hour away, which kind of defeats the purpose of “fast” food.


I nearly forgot Panda Express! They have great eggplant-tofu.


There was a chipotle on the corner of my block in my old neighborhood, i would stop in once in a while after they added the tofu sofritas for a burrito bowl, extra fajita veggies, no rice, black beans, other veggies (no dairy) and the corn salsa.
They also sold decent margaritas (!) which may or may have influenced my decision to go there

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I knew of one place. I don’t think it’s still open. It was called Crawfish City of Texas - a metal building plopped down on a corner, with a wooden deck in front for the order window and on one side with picnic tables and a wooden ramp for a drive-thru window. They sold raw and cooked crab and crawfish. There were 3 food trucks on the lot, too, and when they weren’t open, the crawfish place offered some of their menus. All featured Louisiana specialties and I guessed all were run by Katrina refugees. The trailer offering fried catfish, boudin and gumbo was really good. I never bought any of the crawfish.

Most Cajun restaurants are smallish but sit-down rather than counter-service/drive thru affairs and wouldn’t qualify as fast food.

Another thing we have a depressing lack of is drive-thru boudin huts! I found one on the NE side in what was probably originally a Jack in the Box (the very early, boxy buildings). Actually they had a one-page menu of Cajun/Soul Food dishes but they called it a Boudin Hut.

Some gas stations with offerings like hot dogs, fried chicken, microwavable burritos, packaged sandwiches, etc., will offer boudin, too.


I still love them, but I can’t digest them anymore either. Come to think of it I’m not sure I ever could, really. Hard to say since they’re such a classic drunk food you couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol overload or the grease bombs causing the problem.

Two of the things I miss most about Los Angeles are Jack In The Box and French dip roast beef sandwiches (the sandwich Arby’s and Roy Rogers’ have a fast food version of). In LA every coffee shop or diner had French dip sandwiches on the menu, and I have no idea where I’d find one in NYC.

My favorite local chain has got to be Nathan’s, but not for the hot dogs, for the seafood. I’m not sure you can even get the seafood dishes at most of the restaurants. I really like the “lobster” (seafood salad) roll, the clam strips and the fish and chips, but my obsession is the fried frog legs, which I’m pretty sure they only have at the Mother Ship on Surf Avenue in Coney Island.


I googled on

french dip sandwich in new york city

and found lots of possibilities.


Maybe, but I’ve haven’t found a lot in the way of realities here. The link below is from a few years ago, but still kind of represents my experience:


In general all the supposed French dips I ever had here had tough meat, a roll that was too hard, and usually a weird gravy instead of the jus. After a while I gave up on trying them. Why be disappointed yet again at an Irish bar when I know I can get a great fish and chips or bangers and mash there?

If anyone knows of a place here they can recommend of course I’d love to know. But not places like Minetta Tavern - at those prices I’d just as soon make it at home.

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Lobster roll(a) at Nathan’s? Really??? The only Nathan’s I have seen in recent years are in mall food courts and I do not recall ever seeing seafood beyond fish and chips or clam strips.


The flagship has a more extensive menu than the satellites. (Don’t ask my why corn on the cob is in the seafood sandwich category, because I have no idea.)