What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?

(For the Horde!) #21

A lot of votes for Popeye’s. Not any for KFC yet.



Popeyes makes some good chicken. I just love those breast meat nuggets at Chick FIL A. I only get them lIke once or twice a year since there are none around me, except for a local mall, which I try to avoid.

I do miss the Roy Rogers roast beef. I’m not sure what it was about that sandwich but it was damn tasty. It looked like crap, the meat wasn’t really the highest quality (obviously) and it wasn’t all jazzed up with toppings. A little salt and pepper and you have yourself a good sandwich.


(For the Horde!) #23

Well, I guess I can proudly claim that I have eaten at Roy Rogers once – the roast beef nonetheless too.



Another vote for Five Guys.
Not a fan of In and Out because their fries are flabby, and, at least around here, it is always mobbed and crazy noisy.
We also now have the first Amy’s Drive-Thru, by the people who do Amy’s frozen foods. The food is delicious and vegetarian. My vegan daughter loves it as does my gluten-free husband because he can actually get a hamburger with a decent-tasting GF bun. It’s about 45 minutes away but we go once a month or so.

But I have to say that I enjoy my A & W order the most!



There are still a few around, just not near me. I haven’t had roys in quite a few years


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Considering what a good location this is (on a heavy traffic Route 1 and extremely visible), I am surprised that how soon they close it.



(Andrea) #27

Haven’t been to KFC in literally decades. I don’t do much fast food but had tried Popeye’s while on a trip to Portland OR and liked it. Juicy but not oily.

There are only a few Popeye’s in WA, but now one has opened a few miles from home. This may or may not be a good thing! I actually was considering stopping today but I had french fries for lunch and don’t need two fried meals in a day.

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(For the Horde!) #28

I am not a fried chicken person actually. But there was a short period which I tried KFC and Popeye back to back just to have a better idea how they taste. Basically, I was stuck at the airport and tried some Popeye, and thought it wasn’t too bad. Then I felt obligated to try more Popeye, then more KFC…etc. Probably less than 5 visit in total really.



A vote for the Colonel. I’ve had the original recipe twice this year and it was perfect reminding me when it first hit town in my childhood in the '60s.

Popeye’s is just ok for me. The Wifeacita and I travel for good chicken up to an hour, heck once 140 miles. There’s a local chain, Frenchy’s that crushes Popeye’s in every way from the Creole chicken, greens, and real red beans and rice with andouille sausage.




I’m a fan of the Chick-Fil-A original without the pickle. Insider tip, the pickle leaves a soggy spot plus you get a fresh, hot sandwich sans pickle.

A sleeper is Long John Silver’s. I’m a fish guy and they use cod cooked fresh to order at the one near me.

Here in Houston in the 70’s they served Bud and Bud dark on tap and there was nothing better than a cold Bud dark on a sweltering summer day.



Two tacos with mystery meat paste for 99 cents, not a dollar mind you, good 4 or 5 times a year.

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What the what?!?? There’s an amy’s drive in?!? That is amazing!
I swear back when i was in college about 40% of my diet was canned and frozen amy’s- which means since then i don’t buy it much, but back then prepared vegetarian options were seriously limited. Like i think gardenburger was basically The Only veggie burger.



Wendy’s chili
Pollo Campero fried chicken and empanadas



I haven’t had Pollo campero in the US but let me tell you…the Guatemala version is killer! I am not sure what it was, but that stuff was delicious.

Has anyone tried the taco bell cheese fries?


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No. Does it taste like gardenburgers?



I honestly just get the nuggets there.

I don’t even like calling them nuggets since most nuggets are processed garbage. These are deep fried cubes of breast meat, which you probably know. They are delicious if you haven’t tried them.

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I don’t think so lol. I don’t even know what a garden burger is and I don’t care to. I keep animal populations down :slight_smile:


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:laughing: I was trying to combine two posts into a joke. Ttrockwood was talking about gardenburgers earlier. Well, taco bell cheese fries sound vegetarian, right?



Had 'em and sure are good.



Cheese fries are about as vegetarian as I get, so yes, they classify under my definition :smile: