What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?

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Yeah, the horsey sauce is a gut bomb, but it’s pretty damn good. I would miss it on an Arby’s roast beef, which by the way is the only thing I have ever ordered from Arby’s. Except for the Jamocha shake, of course. I get the shake maybe every two or three years, but I savor it like it came straight from heaven


We HAD an Arby’s right next to a Chic-Fil-A, Arby’s might have one car while the line at Chic-Fil-A was wrapped around the building.

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I would love something like this in my city


Interesting again. I haven’t had a Chic-Fil-A in almost 10 years. They put one in where I live but it is kind of out of my way during my normal haunts so I have not been. I recall not liking that either. I recall there was great hoopla about it, but just didn’t see the big deal.

I need to retry it.


I’d recommend their chicken nuggets. They are delicious and all breast meat…not processed/chopped up stuff. They are just good fried chunks of real meat. The reason I don’t get them more often is because the only local place near me is inside a damn mall, and I hate going to the mall.

Where are your favorite shakes at? ( the Arby’s post reminded me above)


I will try them. Thanks for the tip!

Maybe it is appropriate for me to explain how I use Fast-Food. I would not walk into a fast-food joint and sit down and eat. I would also not order from a fast-food joint and bring it home to eat.

So, I strictly use fast-food to refuel during my errands and chores while I am driving. And when I order anything it must be easy to eat while I drive because that is what I am going to be doing.

Example: McDonalds. I only order their regular hamburger. It is simple and can be easily eaten while driving with zero mess. Just a burger with pickles, onions, mustard and ketchup. It may the only thing there that they put mustard on, I don’t know, but I like that. I also like that it is ALWAYS hot because no one seems to ever order it so they seem to always make it on the spot.

Another example: Taco Bell, only the bean burrito. That is it. Easy to eat while I drive.

I guess I only say this, to say, I am not a shake expert. I need a drink to wash down whatever I am eating and I cant do that with a shake. Maybe others can comment on the best shake.


A quick tip…you can ask for a burger with something extra or less. I always get extra pickles because I like pickles and they will make it fresh for you. It might take an extra few minutes, but they will make it fresh.

I’m not a milkshake person (as I’m somewhat lactose intolerant) and really and can’t remember when the last time I had one was. However, I can vividly remember some alcoholic drinks I had this summer that were great. This thread made me crave a shake …or mudslide, Pina colada, etc :slight_smile: …something cold and frozen blended

And it is snowing out here, yet I am craving something cold. Lol


Taco Bell’s Crunchwraps are perfect for that. The Supreme won’t kill you.


Interesting. I had never heard of it so I Googled. Looks like it would be bulky and messy to me? It is not?



As with most such advertising photos the real thing is not that full. The fact that it’s totally enclosed makes it great for one-handed chowing (that front flap is closed and stuck to the body of the thing as are the other sides). Nothing is going to squirt out the bottom while you’re eating. I’ve had that happen with burritos but not with the crunch wrap.

Just reiterating though that I’m not recommending this for its culinary value, just for its convenience.


Speaking for a (ahem) friend, I’ve heard some people keep a towel in the car to cover their lap while eating and driving!


LOL, totally understand about the culinary value. I may give it a shot. Last time I was at Taco Bell was a few months ago. A lot of times, for me, the fast-food choice is “what is near me when I need to refuel” as I do my driving rounds. Taco Bell, it seems, is not as populous as other chains.

BTW: The bean burrito is $1.29 and this Crunchwrap thing is $3.59. Since I consider this as just fuel to get me by I also try to spend as little as possible. The simple hamburger I mentioned above at MickyD’s is about a buck also. It could be that I am “a bit frugal” also when it comes to fast-food and my choices. :slight_smile:

Perhaps, economizing is not good when it comes to FF.


You get what you pay for? If it’s just for fuel, I get your point though.

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I love horsey sauce!! And the only thing I’ve gotten there is the regular sized RB sandwich. And it’s delicious, though that sauce can be painful!!


We’ve got friends in low places . . .



Nothing, real men don’t use straws. Oops wrong reply, should have been on the straw thread.

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Wait, I thought real men don’t eat quiche?


Real men seem to have a great many self-imposed limitations! :wink:


I tried the Tacobell rattlesnake steak burrito the other day. It was really tasty!