What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


The potato fry press is mounted right on the wall in the prep area.They’re continually making French fries.


I know. In fact, IIRC, it’s mounted right over the fryer and the cut fries drop straight into the basket. But I’m not clear what that adds to the discussion of whether single or double cooking is superior.

(Jimmy ) #323


I walked into my neighborhood McDonald’s this morning intent on picking up a couple of hash brown patties and a choco milk. This place has been around for decades and has always been a weakling in food prep, food delivery, customer experience; you name it.

The franchise owners decided (yet again) to refresh the restaurant interior. They hit a home run this time, creating a dining space that will make customers think they’ve wandered into a manufacturing plant cafeteria or a prison dining hall. Gone is the comfortable seating around a faux fireplace. Gone are the ale house, step up booths. Gone are the few neat snugs tucked in the rooms corners. Gone are the blue hairs who spent hours here drinking those second, and third cup free refills.

The food? Oh, yeah, the food…

Less. For more.


This is kind of strange


I stand by it. After much love on CH as a favorite side I gave it 3 or 4 tries and found them lacking in texture with not so subtle hints of liquid smoke and dried out rice.

The last time I was by the flagship Frenchy’s by THE University of Houston the Popeyes had one car in line while the line at Frenchy’s was wrapped around the building.

They have real sausage and Popeyes nothing.

Maybe I should add worthless to the equation, I’ll never buy them again.

Sorry, this from a friend.


I would call it VILE.:):smile:

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There was a faux fireplace?

(Jimmy ) #328

Yes. It was in the middle front of the dining room. Gas logs, no heat, with tables and easy chairs grouped around it.


Has anyone had a chicken and waffle pizza? I’m not a fan of this place but the idea sounds interesting…maybe if done by a local pizzeria and not papa johns.

Business Insider: Papa John’s is adding a chicken-and-waffle pizza to the menu.


I’d give these a try

(Jimmy ) #331

Five whole days to wait… :sob:


And you can get it in a burrito! Sounds like a dream come true for teens with a bad case of the late night munchies.


I’m with the 2 gentlemen above so I guess
late night teens and us 3!


I’d try it sans burrito. Sounds good in a once a year craving sort of way!


A coworker of mine tried to order taco bell delivery the other day. It’s apparently new and you get it through grub hub. After 2 hours they cancelled the order. It was actually longer than 2 hours.

Either they have too much business and/or not enough drivers. They sent my coworker a 10 and 5 off coupon for the hassle which was nice to see


I’ve seen them (sometimes) double-fry at INO. They’ll take a basket of regular-done (i.e. underdone) fries and dump them in another basket for a second dunk.

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I prefer BK to most of the fast food burgers, actually. It’s the calorie count of the Whopper that keeps me from getting them more often.
I don’t get fast food that often. My favorite is probably an Arby’s roast beef with horsey sauce AND Arby’s sauce. And once in a while, a small Jamocha shake.


That was exactly my favorite combo when I was in High School. The only Arby’s in town was just across from the school so it was easy to indulge.


Interesting. I had not been to Arby’s probably in over 20 years. I recently went twice (within the last month). 1) to try their lamb gyro. I saw a YouTuber rave about it. I did not like it. 2) Figuring lamb gyro was not Arby’s forte, I went back (since I discovered one not to far) and just got their roast beef sandwich. I did not like that either.

Oh well, it was a good experiment but I think I am done with Arby’s.


I’ve eaten at Arby’s perhaps half a dozen times in the last 40 years. About 20 years ago they introduced “market” sandwiches which were pretty good at the time but 10 years later not so much. I had a coupon and was close to an Arby’s a couple of years ago and gave them a try. I don’t recall what I had but I do remember deciding it was my last visit.

But that combo plus the fried potato cake really hit the spot in High School! I was seriously into the horseradish sauce.