What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


Not in my car, but I got hot sauce in my bag. Me and Beyonce.


Just a guy, but a fairly esteemed one.


Glad to hear they’ve dropped styrofoam. Is that a green thing or did too many people complain the fries would wilt in the bag? I love their fries but always Rio that bag open right away.


Come to think of it, that was kind of a dumb question. When I analyze this, it would impossible to taste test all the fries at the same time with all the cooking variables. Forget I asked that :slight_smile:


No idea. I disliked the Styrofoam for both reasons! If you didn’t dump them out asap they just steamed and got soggy in minutes.


LOL, I was wondering about your question. I was thinking he would need a team of 20 folks to go get all the fries! One way he could do a blind test tho is to have a friend blindfold him, drive him to like 10 places a day. Taste, write the notes, then do another 10 next day, etc. Then look back at his notes and rank. Still would be hard I think - but it would be fun!


Yeah I didn’t think that through. I was just day dreaming about great fries. Ranking them on paper would be the only way.

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I’m gobsmacked that ANYONE, much less David Chang likes Dominos. That sauce is wretched, serious dorm food.

Popeye’s (had some yesterday), Chipotle for my fav burrito bowl, Smash Burgers are so good.

Locally (Texas), Whataburger and James Coney Island (JCI) for the chili and dogs, separately.

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LA people, what about that Tommy’s chili burger?
Followed by a buttermilk bar from that weird old place in the triangle at Ohio and Santa Monica. The line down the block in early morning for hot buttermilk bars.


The thing to avoid at Tommy’s is an orange line starting to roll toward your elbow. That’s when you lean forward and reach for the towels.


Serious fries — double-cooked onsite, and the chalkboard names the farms that supplied the sacks of potatoes stacked about the place.


I once took my boss to Tommy’ s when he was in town and it was fun to see his reaction as the chili cheese fries began sliding across the slightly tilted table.


Towel dispensers:


Well, I grew up going to Tommy’s. Went back a few times when I was older and it just didn’t do it for me. I guess you need to be 19 and a bit drunk. Along those lines were O’ki Dogs [sic]. Boy those were the days tho. Would not back.


I’ve given up on Popeye’s and find the red beans and rice vile. I prefer local Frenchy’s with better chicken and beans and rice with real andouille sausage.

National chicken, Church’s as long as you hit it fresh.


Ah, punk rock central for some. My memories of that place and the people that hung out there are much less pleasant than most of my LA punk memories. As in, my memories of heroin withdrawal are more pleasant by far than my memories of the race fights at Oki Dog.

On a less alarming note, I was reminded of this place from a thread on the NJ board:

Oh, how I wish they’d open up again in NYC.

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VILE? VILE? That’s a strong word! Never been to Frenchy’s.


Used to be that ordering In-N-Out fries well done solved the undercooked fry problem (it’s true they aren’t very good served the usual way) but the last time I was in Cali a few months ago they came out overdone. I did some research and it seems to be a common problem, so the solution now is to order them medium well.


It seems that while In-n-Out cuts potatoes in plain view, it appears the fries are cooked only once (but maybe we’re wrong). We understand a proper fry is double-cooked, so a longer single dunk does not truly address the problem. The frozen products that most fast food places use in some form for fries are likely already blanched, so they will be properly done and get crisp because they are double-cooked.


This could start a whole new contentious branch of the thread.

I was only addressing the In-N-Out fry doneness issue, not the quality issue or comparisons of I-N-O with others. My point was only that I-N-O tends to undercook their fries for many people’s taste, including mine; ordering them “well-done” is frequently cited as a way to improve them, but in my last visit when I did that they came out too done and apparently others have noticed this as well, and some have suggested the better approach nowadays is to order them more done but not well done.

It is also true that, cet. par., double-cooking, sometimes called the “Belgian method,” yields the superior fry.

I believe you are correct — I-N-O potatoes are fresh cut and fried once. Most other chains use frozen, so they likely have been blanched. However, to extend that to conclude that frozen fries are better than fresh cut fries may be a stretch. I’ll leave it to others to expand on that.