What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


Who doesn’t?


I thought I was the only weird one. Good to see some people are on my level :smile: Their diablo sauce doesn’t do it for me. I like the fire sauce. I just wish it was a lot hotter. The Diablo sauce just doesn’t have the flavor profile for me. It isn’t bad but the fire sauce has the flavor, just not the heat.


I think for a lot of people (like me) the “appeal” is that the burgers have been made the same for about 50 years or so. When I was a kid there was NO other burger being made that way. It was made to order, fresh lettuce and tomato, grilled or fresh onions. Very simple and when you got them they were piping hot because they were cooked at the time.

Also, a lot of people who grew up with them, began leaving CA for other parts of the US and there wasn’t anything like them there either.

Now, I agree. The fast food burger, or even just the burger landscape has caught up with them and they are no longer special. The last two times I went I was unimpressed.

However, that doesn’t mean I forget that my family went there once a month for a “treat” in the 1970’s when I was growing up. Families did NOT eat out like they do today. You basically went somewhere, maybe once a month. For my family it was usually a pizza joint like a Shakeys, In-N-Out, or some lower level steak chain. There just wasn’t the options or money to do much more.


I like a hot, fresh Whataburger plus they have really good fries and onion rings.


Gosh! My family would drive 3 towns over to go to Shakeys. You could stand on a bench to watch the pizza guys work - sometimes they would toss a little flour at the window where you stood and give you a smile and a wink when you ducked. Our household was not one where you heard music. That’s probably why Shakeys seemed so wonderful. I loved singing along to the player piano to those old tunes!


Yeah, they were cool. I think they have gone away here in the US (could be wrong) but I visited one in the Philippines last year for old times sake! Farrells ice cream parlor was another oldie but goodie back in the day.


I have seen a handful over the years in very small towns (Eastern US) - last time was perhaps 10 years ago.

I think delivery pizza and video games has replaced the experience for today’s kids. Or Chucky Cheese…


Shakey’s was the progenitor of my failure as a budding college student.
$1.49 pizza, fried chicken, and potatoes lunch buffet + the newly discovered joys of pitchers of Coors as willing 18 years old was a tremendous insight into life.
Unfortunately, I ended up drafted, but that’s another story.


Still a bunch of them around.


Interesting. There are two in WA.


Yeah, so did I. The one we used to go to had a Scopitone as well.

One of the big destinations for cruising on Van Nuys Blvd. And of course the inspiration for the scene in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure where Napoleon finishes the The Trough.

Also they both involved a Gay 90’s theme, which at some point just died out almost completely as a pop culture thing.


I’d never heard of these! Ours just had a slide projector that flashed colorful scenes and the lyrics of the song playing. Lots of oldies - Little Brown Jug, Bicycle built for two, 5 foot 2 - eyes of blue!


Lounge o leers on FB features scopiotone Sundays.

(For the Horde!) #294

I don’t agree with the In-N-Out


This one looks pretty healthy!
Us Weekly: KFC Debuts Chicken Sandwich With Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bun and People Are Freaking Out.


Fallout from the LA Times French Fry survey.


I’ve yet to be within eating distance of an In-N-Out. But I do agree with Peterson that Five Guys has some really good fries! Fresh potato flavor and a variety of sizes so some pillowy bites and some crunchy fried slivers. Now that they have finally stopped putting the fries in a Styrofoam cup it’s even better. The quantity is insane. I order the smallest size and barely put a dent in it. I think it could easily satisfy a family with a pre-teen.


I’ve only had In-N-Out a couple of times, but yeah, the fries were weak. I’ve heard ordering the fries well-done improves them quite a bit.


Iirc, the ones I had came in a brown paper bag. That was years ago. I haven’t been since. I never saw the cup.


Was this a blind taste test or just this guy ranking what he likes?