What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


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Kind of sort of on topic, lost and forgotten chains. This is a click bait article do not yell at me…click at own risk* I made it about half way through the list.

(@corvette_johnny pretty sure Burger Chef is what Jim’s Burger Haven location was and I think the steak and ale in the photo is the Rt. 35 Middletown location @gcaggiano you recognize it?)


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My “list” ended after three slides. Don’t know what happened.

I don’t know about Burger Chef, but there is currently an Auto Zone where Jim’s Burger Haven was. They closed in 2009 but the place was so barren that I thought it was done for years prior (I had to look that up). I ate there once for someone’s birthday party when I was like 5. I barely remember the interior, but I do remember my parents questioning why anyone would have a party there. :smiley: I know this place was something back in the day, but it was a different kind of something by the time we ate there.

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Does 7/11 count as fast food?

I needed Tums yesterday and was passing by a 7/11 and stopped in. Then Justin comes in with me and gets Tacquitos, some kind of buffalo chicken fiasco in tube form, and a giant slurpee. These made those Tums even more necessary!

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Ah, an image from my childhood. How many times I drove past this. It remained for YEARS after they went out of business.


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My husband and I both agreed that was one of the silliest SB commercials ever seen. My personal favorite was the Charlie Sheen/Arod commercial concerning Planters nuts and Kale chips.


Burgerville in the PNW is pretty good. I like drive thru Mexican also.


Where are you, Jackie?

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Ohhhhhh you know what @JackieChilds just reminded me of…honestly one of my favorite chains ever but I only get to enjoy them once a year when I go down south to visit family. Biscuitville!!! For the love of everything Biscuit this is by far the best breakfast fast-food ever!! Even the person standing there making the biscuit dough in front of you, great place.


Hi bbqboy,

Southern WA/Northern OR. I actually like what you did with that Southern Oregon thread and would like to do something like that, but will wait to explore the site more to see if it might already be there in some form. Portland will always be covered, but looks more like tip reports so far.


We’re a pretty sparse bunch in the PNW.
I started my thread because I had bunches of
regional food news to share and I get to create an archive of deliciousness.
I’d love a general Portland ongoing thread of news. I used to post on Portlandfood.org but after Nick became the Pastrami King of Stumptown it lapsed into nothing.


Dick’s Drive-In is a smallish chain in Seattle. They have 3 burgers on the menu (hamburger, special, deluxe), fries in one size (rather limp and greasy), and shakes (meh.). No veggie patties, onion rings, or any other such luxurious fripperies.

Nothing is made to order except the shakes - it all rolls down a production line continuously.

A Dick’s deluxe and fries is a perfect meal to me for certain kinds of day.

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Sometimes those limp, greasy, hot, salty Dick’s fries just hit the spot! I do indulge once or twice a year.


Thought this was interesting.


That is definitely an interesting read. For someone “on the go” with limited time and a budget, it seems like this could be an option for a quick meal.


I go to Taco Bell about once a month. All I ever get is the “bean burrito” , which is on the list, and I ask them to replace the red sauce with the green sauce. I like them.



Well two of my favorites made the top five. Good to see :wink:


And they confirmed my low opinion of In and Out fries! Not crazy about the burgers either. The appeal escapes me.


Interesting. I never knew they would customize things at TB.

So does anyone else keep a hot sauce in the car? :smile: