What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


American style burgers or a British variation?
Why have they waned?

(John Hartley) #242

American. I’m not sure what a British variation on a burger would be (or, at least, would have been in the 50s and 60s)

And I think they waned because once McD opened in the UK, they were felt to be a bit old fashioned by comparision (which would be a fair point). My recollection is that they always did takeaway but they also had table service (as they still do).

We spotted one in the east of England, a couple of years back, and went in for lunch. It wasnt very good - it probably was never very good.

I’m not the only one to have feelings of nostalgia (for Wimpy and, perhaps, a lost age) - https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/av9zzz/the-slow-death-of-a-british-institution-whats-next-for-wimpy

(Jimmy ) #243

My opinion only.

I think the fast food giants with staying power practice relentless innovation that keeps the customer interested in the brand. Here in the U.S. Taco Bell is gushingly endorsed by food writers and bloggers because the company invents, and presents usually outrageous new products on it’s menu quite often through the year.

(Junior) #244

Their commercials have come a long way to from a talking Chihuahua.



The nacho fries are tasty and wonderful, so there’s that too.
Plus they had the good sense not to coat them in Doritos


I think you’re right about them getting constant press because they’re always presenting “new” menu items, a.k.a, the same old dreck in slightly different combinations and dumped into different packaging. Bloggers and food sites are always desperate for copy. The new whatever from Taco Bell is always good for a reader poll, at least. See also, the Burger King twitter account.

IMO Taco Bell has the most disgusting food of any of the chains. It doesn’t even look appetizing in the commercials. For fake fast food Mexican I always thought Jack in the Box was better.


I’m not sure the last time you’ve been to TB,
but they have several cheap items that are pretty tasty.
Potato tacos for instance.
Del Taco qualifies as fake Mexican, actually Californian, but JiTB doesn’t qualify for me.
As far as regional Mexican I don’t have, Taco John’s was always my favorite. There’s not one within 500 miles, I’ll bet, but they’re good stuff.

(Joon) #248

You shut your mouth. Beefy fritos burrito is life. Double chalupa is love.


Early 90’s, which is more recently than I’ve gone to Jack In the Box (why wouldn’t Jack tacos qualify as fake fast food Mexican, btw?). It would actually be more trouble for me to get to the nearest Taco Bell than it would be to go to the nearest taco truck so - well, not likely happening soon.:wink: I’ve never had Del Taco or Taco John’s. Hey, you all enjoy what you enjoy.


The tacos are the only Mexican item at Jack in the :package: Box.
I eat at taco trucks too. Not really the same.

(DeMarko) #251

In this order:

In n Out Burger
Shake Shack
Taco Time ( kind of a small northwestern chain)
Chick Filet ( politics aside when occasionally craving chicken tenders. But never on Sunday!

Thankfully none of these are in our town except Taco Time, but it’s still a very occasional treat. We indulge ourselves in the others when we travel.


Well, no of course not. But I’m sure you don’t think Taco Bell or Del Taco or whatever are the same as taco trucks either - they’re fast food chains. As I said, eat what you enjoy. I wish I lived closer to a White Castle personally.


I see plenty of people of Hispanic origin eating at Taco Bell and Little Ceaser’s and McD’s so I maintain whatever the ethnicity of the cuisine offered, American FF joints are
those things first and foremost.


Where do you reside, Lambchop?
I like Taco Time but our best one is in the Mall food court.

(DeMarko) #255

Bbq boy, I live in Gig Harbor and typically eat at the local one occasionally. While our kitchen was being totally remodeled it was a little more frequently. Realizing this next statement will probably cost me my Birkenstocks and left coast ID card, I actually like them better than Chipotle…:upside_down_face:


Cool :sunglasses:
I’m at the bottom of the PNW in Ashlandia.

(DeMarko) #257

I’m in your stomping ground from time to time, as a lot of friends have moved up to the Grants Pass and Roseburg areas from California & losing another friend to Grant’s Pass this summer from GH. I’ve always wanted to go to the plays in Ashland - maybe this year!


Come on down!:taco::fried_shrimp::beer::clinking_glasses:

(DeMarko) #259

Thanks bbq boy, gotta make things happen, right?


Del Tac2/$4 fish tacos are back.
I’ll report back.