What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


Smoke em if you got em!


Bob and Elias were a couple of many branches in the family tree that you saw around the country. As for resemblance to Big Mac, we understand the “big” difference is the Boy is “8 in 1” and Mac is “10 in 1” (or 2 oz. vs. 1.6 oz. patties).

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Fun read! Thank you for dropping it into the thread.


We had a Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant with a car hop in the town I grew up in. The statue was taller than I was!


Weird, reading your post I realized I’ve never had any of those iconic burgers despite growing up in the US (East coast as well). For some reason, Whoppers and Big Macs never appealed to me and there was no White Castle in my city.


I grew up in Glendale, California and I believe the Bob’s on Colorado Blvd. was the first Bob’s.


Yes I was just wondering what kind of answers we would see from different parts of the country. I’m in NJ so around me that is what I have seen. I’m sure around other parts of the country answers will be different :slight_smile:


I watch a lot of his videos and kind of love his channel! No obnoxious sponsored agendas and lots of great food finds. Thanks to him 7-11 in japan is on my bucket list :joy:


Mikey is one of my favorite Tubers. I so envy his enjoyment capacity. I used to be able to scarf like him, many many inches ago.

He truly enjoys eating. Unlike some other vloggers that put on the fake delicious yummy face (Mark Wiens, lookin’ atcha). When Mike eats something he likes, he’s deep in the moment.

Just had one of Mike’s newfound favorites last night, coupla Japanese convenience store sandwiches. The EGG SALAD was fab. I have to consciously stop myself from buying more. Too much good food all over here.


Yes! I totally agree- there’s something very authentic and joyful about Mikey that just can’t be faked. I do watch and enjoy Mark Weins for the most part, but i concur that his enthusiasm often feels forced or somehow awkward.

I have only been able to travel to Seoul and Shanghai for work so far and absolutely hands down the best food of my life (and I’m vegetarian so there’s a lot I didn’t even try!)


I’m not a cheeto fan but what do you guys think?

The Takeout: KFC testing Cheetos fried chicken sandwich in fortunate Southern states.


I saw that. I think it’s one of those things that will be either spectacularly good or spectacularly bad - no middle ground!

There are 3 locations within an hour or two from my home testing them. I’m not curious enough to make that drive.

But the Roanoke Rapids location is just off I-95 if anyone is traveling that section of highway!

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Take one for the team.


Hey, I’m still awaiting reimbursement from expenses I put in for years ago!

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What expenses? Cheetoes sandwich?


If I could get one around here in NJ I’d try it. I’m always down to try new things and with only a few bucks to lose, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t like it. Maybe someone can chime in if they try it.

I did like those tacobell dorito tacos. I like doritos so they worked for me.


Gasoline, Pepto Bismal, therapy for palate fatigue… it adds up fast!


And it has to be your thing. I’m not a potato chips on a sandwich/burger person so I know it’s not for me.

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I could see it working if it was breaded in ground up cheetos and had a cheeto sauce, but actual cheetos on the sandwhich, I’ll pass. (not that there is one anywhere near me)

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“Love” would be much too strong a word for fast food chains, but I have a nostalgic feeling for Wimpy - the UK’s original fast food chain, before all those American chains arrived from the mid 1970s.

Although Wimpy was originally American owned, the UK operation was always operated as a separate business under licence. I think that, after various sales, the company is now in South African ownership. At its height in the early 1970s, it had several hundred UK outlets but Wikipedia indicates that’s down to 70.