What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


What would you say are the three top iconic burgers? I’d say the whopper, big Mac and the white castle slider…coming from an east coast guy. My grandparents told me stories of 5 cent white castle burgers growing up in rahway nj. I don’t know if they were pulling my chain but it’s fun to think about. Come to think of it, I doubt they would make it up.

He used to walk around town near the rahway prison (decades before it became industrialized) and shoot quail when he was a kid with his older brother jack in the 40s. They would trade the quail for candy, milkshakes, burgers, etc. I wish I grew up in a simpler time. That seems like a blast!


Depends on what iconic means.
The most popular or well known?
Nowadays I’d go to Jack In The Box or Carl’s jr
before Mickey D’s or Burger aKing. Haven’t had White Castles in their true setting for decades.
And how about Steak & Shake?
In. Sight
Must Be Right!


I’m a Whataburger guy but I know you and corvette johnny don’t have access, but if you get down here try one out.


I’d say a combo of both. If you had to pick 3 of the greatest qb of all time I’d probably say they fit both criteria…tom, Peyton and drew, and Brett. It’s kind of similar. I have football on the mind this time of year lol

@jcostiones I need to get down there. Houston food scene is killing it. If I can get down, I’ll buy, you fly :slight_smile:…or we do Uber :smile:


Steak and shake is awesome! I haven’t had one in maybe 4 or 5 years. I used to love those in college down in FL. The last time it didn’t seem as great but still it was good. I have some great memories from college going there. I don’t know if things changed or my taste buds have evolved. Either way, I wish I had one near me


Steak n Shake stays pretty consistent. I like them on a road trip - faster than most restaurants but more relaxing than typical fast food place.

Steak n Shake was my first meal out. Being only a few weeks old I didn’t eat but the car hop meal was a good practice run with a newborn for my folks. Years later my grandmother was in a nursing home located behind a Steak n Shake. The aroma mixed with low sodium institutional food created some big cravings for her. My ex and I would visit her weekly and she always wanted to just go for a drive and end the jaunt with a burger and fries from Steak n Shake.


Where did you go? I remember seeing SnS around Gainesville!


This was in daytona. I had a lot of great times there with buddies in college. I liked their fries too. The last time I went I was in Orlando and heading to ft myers to see my friend. I stopped and had a burger and fries. It was good but not as good I remembered. Maybe things have changed or I’m getting old. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable fastfood experience :slight_smile: I wish I had one here to change things up…and a del taco lol


Right across the street was a frisbee golf park. We would chow down and go play some frolf. Good times… ah to be young again!


Come during crawfish season, plus it overlaps with blue crab season.

I don’t trust Uber in this sprawling city but I just did buy a new Corolla but it may be way too tame for a corvette guy. I got going fast out of me during my motorcycle days, now a car is a unit of transportation to get me reliably from point a to b.

Qbs, Brady, ya think, Unitas, and Oiler Dan Pastorini, he wasn’t the best but had his moments and a cannon for an arm and nobody was tougher, with the great Terry Bradshaw a close second. Don’t bother looking up stats, it was a different game back then.

Eli’s brother, can’t put him in due to a strong disdain and dislike for the guy. One time the Colts were beating the Texans 600-3 and he’s in the red zone trying to score with about 2 minutes left flapping his arms like a goose and doing all his Omaha crap.

I was hoping for a season ending injury.

Another time he’s leading 743-10 and going for the td record, again late in the game with half a season left doing all his goose crap and Omaha b/s.

I was hoping for a season ending injury.


Funny story…

We went to play frolf and I had a “dry mouth” after eating some steak and shake. We played a few rounds and we came across the most amazing looking orange tree that you could imagine! This thing was like a magical tree from a dream. The oranges were perfect and the tree was just epic! It was like something I had never seen before. In this state of mind I was estatic to eat one of these gifts from god. We picked a few and I was really anxious to try this delectable fruit. I peeled it and took a nice bite. HOLY SHIT! Imagine eating battery acid! I had the taste in my mouth for about 3 days!!! I didn’t know what I ate but this was the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth! I still don’t know what I ate but this “glorious” orange was straight up poison. I didn’t get sick but what a mess. I tasted this thing for days. I’ve done a lot of dumb stuff lol


Yeah Terry is up there too. It is definitely a different game. I’m more of a “did this guy win you superbowls” kind of guy. Love him or hate him, Tom will probably go down as the greatest in my life. I predict he will win this year too (coming from a giants fan)


You practically had to kill the guy to get him out of the game, but one day they did plus back up Joe Gilliam. The 3rd teamer was a safety named Tony Dungee.

The Oilers slaughtered them that day. I was at that game.

They had some epic battles with the Steelers with multiple injuries on both sides. Now they would call a personal foul on virtually every play and the game might not be finished because everyone would be ejected.

Food, a great deli in the West end zone, my favorite a hot ham and cheese.


For West Coast the iconic burger to me is old-school carhop-delivered Bob’s Big Boy. The Big Mac is an imitation of it. The original little McDonald’s burgers were, I believe , an imitation of White Castle’s sliders - which are iconic of course.

(Gwenn) #215

Iconic - to me its the one you got at the counter in the drug store. I was quite young but our local drug store still had a fountain. It was a thin burger but the aroma was heavenly. So was the taste.

(Jimmy ) #216

In Michigan it was (is) Elias Bros. Big Boy. The chain had (has) a terrific sandwich menu.

Thanks for bringing back that memory.


The elusive Seville Oranges :tangerine:!


I had this saved so I’ll just stick it here.



Still our only SB winning QB!


In high school I delivered for a pharmacy and was often dispatched to a rival with a fountain for burgers.