"What does the inside of your refrigerator say about you?"

My fridge (and freezer) right now say “she never met a BOGO sale she didn’t like”. Buy One, Get One on fresh strawberries, small flavored cream cheese tubs, bag salads, kiwi fruit, ground turkey, bottled salad dressing, flour tortillas.

And today it hummed the theme from “Mission Impossible” as I worked to add just a few items from a quick grocery run.


Same here… I have a chest freezer and a fairly large freezer attached to my fridge. They are both over full.

I kept a good amount of food in stock (prior to the pandemic). When the “lock down” happened, Sunshine and I didn’t have to go to the grocery store for 81 days (which I thought was pretty good).

After the pandemic, my brain went into high gear gathering anything and everything… just in case. If anyone came into my home they would think I’m running a small restaurant vs. feeding two individuals.
At this point (even if it is on sale), I have to tell my brain… No!!

I did talk to Sunshine about donating some of the (non-perishable) excess to a local food bank, so that may be a project for next month.


Like those who lived through the 1930’s “Great Depression” times, we who experienced Pandemic shortages will likely tend to accumulate supplies of “I might need that someday” stuff. Hopefully not at hoarder levels and not random objects…


I did the same thing. It’s been very hard to turn off my brain’s hoard-it switch. Not to mention working my way through all the non-perishables.


I’ve started donating things that I’m unlikely to use to the food bank. Then I fill the pantry with pantry items I’ll likely use within the next year.

My cooking habits have changed a lot.


So did mine. I became resigned to, and then pretty adept at, using non perishables . It made me very appreciative of all food resources, not just the ones I didn’t have access to.


We’ve always kept canned tuna , sardines and smoked oysters on hand. Someone stocked up on Spam and canned ham. I used most of the Spam and some canned ham, then donated most of it last year.

I also donated a lot of jarred relishes, jarred antipasto, onion jams and other somewhat gourmet jarred things received in Xmas baskets.


I know this is a very old topic but I was reading through it and just have to ask what “pickets” are. I know about fences and labor actions but have never heard the word in reference to (I assume) food. Google didn’t help either.


Maybe pickles?

Autocorrect is a cruel master.


How do you use your frozen egg whites? I always end up throwing them out after 18 months. LOL.

Tuna, canned clams, various types of tomatoes, no-salt creamed corn (for soup) lots of jarred condiments and pickled things. Freeze dried vegetables. Olives. I will admit I’ve never had Spam. Vienna sausages, yes, on fishing trips. Obviously lots of grains and pasta. The difficulty also lay in having to buy a flat of cans of stuff instead of one or two items. I had plenty of olive oil - Corto in a box.

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Sorry but that wasn’t my post. I really never use egg whites- frozen or not.

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Pickles indeed.


I use mine for my annual candied pecan making, but I just added three more to the freezer, and thats probably three too many.


Good to know.

Oops. Sorry.

I do not want to know.

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