"What does the inside of your refrigerator say about you?"

Mark Menjivar started photographing these spaces for his series “You Are What You Eat”

Have “we” done this already?

For some reason my refrigerator does not look crazy today (does it?). Maybe still crazy, but just less so.
For some reason not all the pictures are showing, but that’s okay.

An hour or to ago I was at a meeting, and you might have seen this note to the hubs;

Has this been done? I couldn’t find it.Anybody else want to share?


You have SO MUCH ROOM in your fridge. Ours is full of dozens of sauces and pastes and teas and cheese and beers etc. Then the fight for space between the leftovers containers and the ingredients for the next few meals.

Sorry I am not a photo person, my apologies if this is counter to the spirit of the thread.


Today only! That’s what inspired the picture. Once in a lifetime! Perhaps because I am going to be away for two weeks. Whatever! I’m taking pictures!

A lot of it might be doomed.

Fermented sauces, three kinds of preserved lemons, three kinds of fruit shrubs, funky cheeses! The produce and cheese pictures didn’t show up. Just as well.


My fridge is half the size of yours. Typical European fridges, we don’t have massive space like you do there. I have taken photos before for another site but the contents are the same: cheese, beer, wine, hams, chocolates etc. The oysters boxes take up the most room but I tend to eat them within 2 days of purchase. Homemade compotes, kimchi and Sauerkraut also take up much space.

I rather believe we are what our bodies absorb. You can eat all kinds of food rich in nutrients and minerals but it’s only useful if your body has the ability to absorb them.

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@shrinkrap Curious, there is no fresh meat or fish. 1/3 of my upper shelves are filled with those (in the beginning of the week).

But these days, filled with more and more homemade broth, sauce…duck fat…leftover ingredients for future preparation, egg white, pickets, grrr, food for cat (he needs choices).

Sauerkraut has to go to the vegetables drawer for the time being.
Cheese are taking so much space…

I have a big special drawer for all the dried food goodies I brought from travel or market, airtight sealed. Dried prawn, dried scallops, dried cured Jinhua ham, salt cured egg yolks, XO sauce, dried roots etc… for Asian food. Parmasan, Italian cured ham, pork fat and vanilla…Of course coffee beans.

In short, my fridge is messy. :crazy_face:

I’m hoping to buy one more separation for adding a shelf for resting dough before baking. Now finding space for that is impossible without doing some juggling.


Thanks for playing all!

Actually my fridge often reflects what I’m NOT eating, let alone absorbing! There’s a salad mix that’s been in there a month!

I took several other pictures that for some reason don’t show up in the post. Missing are the meat or “cool/cooler” draw, and the fruit/veg “moisture control” drawers.

Also I’m heading out of town, so only a few meals at home this week. I’m going to see if the pictures might show this time.


Curious, there is no fresh meat or fish. 1/3 of my upper shelves are filled with those (in the beginning of the week).

Food safety suggests putting raw meat, including fish and poultry as low as possible so that leaks don’t take a lot of other food products along for the bacteria ride.

We have a side-by-side so use the cofferdam system. Uses up space we don’t have much of.

No leak in my fridge, as meat and fish are always in containers or trays. This is just me, I find it not very convenient to put fish or meat in drawer. I need to see what I need to cook instantly. Lowest drawer is for fruits, it is only half the size, then the vegetables drawer.


grin I got an email from HO with your first response. I’m assuming you asked your engineer husband what a cofferdam is. For others, it is an object specifically for containing leaks. If you have a recent oil heat installation there is a cofferdam around your oil tank. Gas stations have them around tanks, including buried tanks. When you put frozen chicken in a bowl before placing into your fridge to thaw the bowl is a cofferdam. It’s a drip tray.


Mine says, “She can’t resist new jarred or bottled items at TJ’s, and she reads way too many recipes for someone who has only one cooked meal a day.” :grinning:


Love this thread. An ongoing household dialogue is ‘what is this and why is it here’? I defend the space various sauces, components and leftovers take up as they are my battery of resources. But DH looks no farther than the first row of any level for his snacks and lunches. He even has a dedicated plastic bin for his snack foods, favorite cheeses and meats. It is always, like the ocean, a tidal ebb and flow. Before a dinner party, I become fairly territorial as I stake out room for special food and extra categories.


Not a lot . Carrots for muffin the horse . She lives next door . Beer in the vegetable drawer. Big jar of mayonnaise for sandwiches . Condiments. I shop pretty much every day . Leftovers will be kept overnight and used the next day . It’s the freezer that’s a problem for me . I see it as limbo . Frozen in time then tossed.


Now having seen the full photo, this is true for me as well. Maybe a little less than half. However much room we had I’m sure we would fill it.
One thing we don’t do is the “make-ahead” dishes that seem to be so popular on home cooking boards. There’s never any extra space to put them so it doesn’t simplify anything for us to prepare them ahead of time.


It is perhaps an embarrassment of riches. I don’t even know what that means, but I am embarrassed. There are just two of us, and I grow a lot AND subscribe to a twice monthly CSA. Husband wants a new fridge (the burgeoning stuff headed to the compost bin is cracking the self), and maybe another freezer for my “chicken stock”, “duck fat”, puff pastry, “Chinese sausage”, and very hot chili’s, empaada wrappers, bammy, etc), but I know that is not the solution.

Hell, I’m not criticizing you. I’m just jealous.:smile:

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“I’m not criticizing you”.

I know. But it may be what the inside of my fridge says about me.

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Just for giggles, a discussion some years ago:

“What’s this?”
“They’re green.”


That I eat waaaaay too much take-out


Here you go - not too bad, day before T-Day, another fridge in garage however.


It says that you are very tidy