What do you fix when you're too tired to cook?

I’m having a deja vu reaction to this thread. I know I have answered this type of question here before…

  • Eggs
  • Toast
  • Endless variations on those two

I guess I was (also) too tired to check :wink:.


Remember that the next time you’re throwing shade at my delicious Impossible Whopper from Burger King. :upside_down_face:


Usually late is the issue for us, rather than tired.

This layered dip concoction of Kuner’s black beans with chili spices, Cabot reduced fat cheddar, guacamole, all topped with salsa has been my get out of jail free card since the pandemic hit. Tortilla chips on the side for scooping. I keep ingredients on hand so I can break this out when I need to, every couple of weeks.

Otherwise the answer when it’s too late to cook is typically an assembly of fridge loot: maybe cheese, hummus or baba ganoush, pita/sliced bread/crackers, olives or nuts, sliced or pickled vegetables, whatever fruit we may have.

My husband doesn’t want eggs for dinner unless there’s a quiche or a frittata involved. I don’t get to rely on the trusty eggs for dinner option. Too bad, because eggs make such a great quick dinner.


Found it.


Is easy the same as too tired, lol…


Popcorn or bourbon.
Or popcorn and bourbon.
Or just bourbon. :blush:

Alternatively; boiling stock with sliced galangal and lemon grass, egg tofu medallions, red Thai peppers, sugar and seasoning sauce to taste (if necessary). Bowl and season with lime juice to taste and top generously with rough cut coriander.

Serve with…bourbon, of course.


Outstanding video!

Also lazy, bored, out of ideas, fed up,…

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:grin:. Although lazy I am not.

Those were for me!

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Hard to imagine you are any of those things!

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Sometimes I’m too tired, but I wouldn’t classify myself as easy. :thinking:

Is just not wanting to make difficult food the same thing as being too tired - it seems like it’s probably the same thing most of the time.

You’re tired and in the middle of making soup, and now suddenly you’re going bowling? :grin:


Tomato/Mayo sandwich is such a southern thing. My Mom would make that on occasion


Fried egg sandwich, cheese melted on crackers or bread in microwave, buttered pasta sprinkled with parm, toast.


But it isn’t delicious. It’s just over-salted, processed packing material. One meal may not hurt you but why bother?


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Dude, I’m 66 and way past the time when I need to be told what is delicious and what is not. I’m good. Honestly.


This is a great thread. As I have explained in other threads, my BF and I often work very late but still want to cook an actual meal and have dinner together, even if that means eating around midnight sometimes! The temptation of fast food and ordering out is ever-present to accommodate this, but we know once we start that spiral, we may never recover. We keep takeout (Chinese usually) to once a week.

While some nights are inspired, other nights we just want to be lazy. When this happens, I have found our best bet to be Shake-and-Bake pork chops and boxed Spanish yellow rice (I add a half bag of frozen corn to this, something his mom always did when he was growing up). Is that considered cooking? I don’t think so, more like just heating. The chops take a minute to coat and they go in the oven for 20 minutes. The water for the rice boils, stir it all in, and that too can be forgotten about for 20 minutes or so. The perfect 20 minutes to have a drink, relax, and catch up. Minimal work, minimal clean-up, still a hearty meal.