What did you eat for Christmas?

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Tonight was just me and the manchild so I made chicken roulades with stuffing and gravy.

Tomorrow will be the Angus rib roast, vegetables and my sister’s cheesy potatoes and an array of pies and cookies


Son and family → standing rib, Yorkshire, braised carrots, cauliflower and the raison d’être,


Tonight: onion rings, Chenin Blanc, and peppermint bark. :joy: Tomorrow: prime rib, potatoes, and hopefully Caesar salad.


Well tomorrow is Christmas. It’s going to be a 2 1/2 pound chicken on the faberware rotisserie. . Brining tonight . Souse vide . Beets .All separate. Carrots with mashed potatoes


Coulibiac, borscht, shrimp salad and stollen tonight.

Steelhead trout last night on Tibb’s Eve.


Dinner tonight for 7 was clam chowder with the in-laws over to eat (I copy what someone claims is the Union Oyster House version; it’s good but it’s been 10 years since I’ve been to Boston and eaten there, so I can’t speak to it’s authenticity), with a fresh crusty bread I made this afternoon.

Tomorrow morning will be a sausage-egg-bread-cheese casserole, fruit salad, homemade cinnamon rolls. In-laws always come over for breakfast, then we open presents and I start fumbling with dinner makings.

Dinner tomorrow will be standing rib roast, taters/gravy, sautéed mushroom quarters, mashed rutabaga, green salad, and something very close to this strawberry-pretzel “salad” that my MIL will bring with them.

All 3 of these meals have been “tradition” for at least 10 years, maybe more (origin lost in the mists of time). As far as I can remember, the only deviation has been with the green salad - sometimes it’s seared Brussels sprouts or asparagus instead. The rest remains the same.

And to get ahead of myself about a week, the “traditional” dinner for New Year’s Eve will be for 9, with my oldest daughter and her husband popping in for a few days,. That tradition is lobster with a simple mixed-grain rice or rice/pasta pilaf, a fresh crusty loaf and a green salad,. Don’t want much other stuff taking away from the star.


We made Cioppino for Christmas Eve - froze half of the base to use again at a later time but we are only 2 people here and we have enough left over to eat again this Christmas Day. We also have a small prime rib to roast and I have been lusting for some decadent scalloped potatoes. To keep it real we bought some very fresh green beens to have on the side. Hoping to make beef vegetable soup with the rib bones.


Traditional British Xmas Day lunch. Pretty much identical whether we are hosting the family get together or my SiL is (as she is this year).

Nibbles, with aperitifs.

A starter as yet unknown

Turkey, roast spuds, stuffing, veg (it will be carrots and sprouts), gravy.


Christmas pudding.

It’s so boringly predictable, year after year after year, that I had finally persuaded Mrs H that we should spend the festives in Tenerife. On the last trip, I had sussed out a restaurant overlooking the ocean and was looking forward to having a steak for lunch. However, due to ongoing helath issues, we couldnt get travel insurance so had to cancel (at some significant financial loss). So, today’s lunch will be as above. Ho, ho, fecking ho.


Hope you get to spend Xmas in Tenerife next year. Isn’t it very windy at the moment (Tenerife)?

Original plan was to spend the last 2 weeks of Dec in Lanzarote but from my research it’s extremely windy. Apparently it’s blowing a gale in late Dec there. That’s why we went in Oct. Still very hot (mid to late 20s Celsius) in Oct.

In cold Albania now, because the partner hasn’t been to this country and I have. Missing the warmth in Madeira last year. Already thinking about a warm place for next Xmas.

Not sure what I’m eating for “Xmas lunch”. The owner is going to call a restaurant in the next village to see if they can book a table for the family and with us joining them. The countryside restaurant specialises in spit roast lamb.


I follow the Tripadvisor forum and havent seen any mention of wind. They had a “calima” a few weeks back. This is when the wind direction is from Africa and blows sand over the island. It’s not good for anyone and, in particular anyone with chest issues. We caught the start of one a year or so back and I’m glad that it was the day before we left. I think I’d have struggled to be out in it for any length of time.

Hope you get your roast lamb.

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This is one of my favorites. A couple of the kids have grumbled once or twice about “lobster again?” on NYEve. I wonder if I could get a consensus to break tradition this year. Worth a shot.

Plus, the lobsters generally are on-sale the week after the beginning of the New Year. Win-win (for me).

Hah. I’m a Bone Totalitarian. I buy SRR whole and break down. For this one I cut as a 4-bone roast and 3 really thick ribeye steaks. I’ll gift the in-laws with the steaks tonight, but I always make my MIL freeze the bones afterwards and the next time we’re there, I retrieve them for stock.


Christmas eve was NY dtrips steaks with shrimp, cheesy potatoes (made more of these damn things), some frozen Brussel sprouts, mushrooms/onions for the steaks. Today it’s lamb shank osso buco and apple pie with fresh cream for dessert.


Casa lingua’s been down wit da crud since Monday, so all of our food & celebratory plans pretty much went out the window. We were going to host a xmas eve soirée with hors d’œuvres & bubbly, and our closest friends are hosting a small gift exchange followed by a soup bar today, but I don’t think we’ll be able to attend - we’re a bit better, but might still be contagious. Ho ho hum.

For xmas eve, we made do with an xtra spicy red Thai curry with black tiger shrimp, peas & peppers, mostly using what’s around.


Hope you recover soon. Being sick and missing out on the holidays really sucks. That curry looks restorative.

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Thank you. We’re very social creatures, so missing out on time with friends and all that lovely food is a major bummer, but in the big picture it is but a blip. We’ll do our best to make up for it when we’re healthy again (I still have that Aldi standing rib roast to serve eventually)!!!


It’ll be a lot tastier when you eat it in a healthier state. Good time to invite the folks you missed over.

Oh, fer sure! I’m saving that chunka Stichelton we picked up as a special treat for when our heads are cleared out of all that junk, too.

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Great cheese. I wouldn’t waste that on a bug, either. Been a helluva flu season. You’ll make 'er through to live better days. I pray for the days when we can use unpasteurized milk for cheese.


I eat my weight in unpasteurized cheese over the summer in Europe.