What Did You Drink Today (non-wine) #2?

The old thread has more than 1000 posts, 5 year of drinks. Let’s start a new thread, 2021 onwards! :cocktail: :tropical_drink:

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We were gifted a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, and while I do like straight Champagne I decided to make a couple of cocktails with too. One was a French 75 (with gin), and the other is this one whose name escapes me.

3/4 oz. Cognac
1/2 oz. Grand Marnier or other orange liqueur
1/4 oz. maraschino cherry “juice” (if using maraschino liqueur instead, also add a little simple syrup or the drink will be too intense)
Champagne or other sparkling white wine

Stir the first 3 ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled flute glass. Top up with Champagne.


Isn’t the “juice” on supermarket “maraschino cherries” just simple syrup with a little red dye? I’m guessing “yes, it makes the drink look pretty”?

I think they’re hoping you use the “good” maraschino cherries, like Luxardo.

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Naked and Famous - 3/4 oz each Del Maguey Vida mezcal, lime juice, Aperol, and yellow Chartreuse. Shake and strain into glass.


Liberal (on the rocks - I’m not a stickler about cocktails)

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Paper plane - 3/4 oz each bourbon, Amaro Nonino, Aperol, and lemon juice. Shake and strain into glass. Garnish with a paper plane (optional).


You could make it from zeros (water? Coke Zero?) and Poles (Sobieski vodka certainly works), and garnish it with an Argand plane…

2 pi times the sum of the residues…

Makes for an interesting ingredient list


Four Roses small batch would be my strong preference!

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Great name, and sounds tasty

Hopefully the vodka isn’t going to leave much residue… I can’t vouch for the Coke though. I wouldn’t try pi in a drink, though a very small piece of cake on a skewer might work.

Fun facts about the Paper Plane cocktail - created by Sasha Petraske and Sam Ross of Milk & Honey (a bar in Manhattan that unfortunately closed last year due to the global pandemic), it is considered a modern classic. It was named after the song by M.I.A. The ingredients are pretty common outside of the Amaro Nonino, which is worth seeking out and delicious by itself as well.

Edit: realized your reply was about the Naked and Famous (I think I had too many cocktails :expressionless: ). Fun fact about the Naked & Famous - it’s a riff on the Paper Plane I guess??


The coffee is to wake you up, but the vodka is to put you to sleep :slight_smile:

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Net result, insomnolepsy: instead of “frequently drifting off”, you end up “friftingly edoffquent”. Or (if you’ve had a few too many) “ffriinglyt ueoedntffq”.

(Bonus trivia: the Ffriinglyt is the special candy that a sober Finn may give to a drunk Finn just to see the look on his face when he finds out what it tastes like. There is only one such candy; it has been being passed around since the winter of 1826. No one will admit to knowing what it tastes like. However, the Ueoedntffq does not exist.)

just occured to me that “complex integration” works for cocktails and contour integration

H got some bourbons for Christmas, and decided to do a sampling the other night. He liked them all, but I forgot to ask which was his favorite.


Not to be pedantic, but Gentleman Jack is a TN whiskey, not bourbon, because it’s charcoal filtered :grin:. I don’t know if it meets the mash bill requirements either.

Thanks for the edification, now I see the JD on the bottle. I didn’t notice! Not a bourbon drinker, unless in certain cocktails, but I do like cooking with it, @ChristinaM.

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