What Did You Drink Today (non-wine) #2?

It’s predominantly corn.

You don’t really want to know ?

A Vesper yesterday.

I used the recipe from Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails.

1.5 oz gin, 0.75 oz vodka, 0.5 oz Cocchi Americano. Stir and strain into a glass, garnish with lemon twist.

A cocktail created by James Bond in Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel Casino Royale, and named after the character Vesper Lynd. Bond specifies Kina Lillet (which contained quinine) in his recipe but that has been re-formulated since the 50’s when the book was written and now exists as Lillet Blanc (without the quinine). Cocchi Americano is apparently closer to the original Kina Lillet and does contain quinine. Bond also specifies that it should be shaken, like the way he likes his martinis, but cocktails without citrus juice should really be stirred.

Go a little bit outside the downtown area to drink it, and you’ll be fine. It’s not bourbon, but it’s sub-bourbon - good for in the subbourbs.

Penicillin before dinner

2 oz blended Scotch (I used Famous Grouse)
0.75 oz honey ginger syrup (I used a mix of honey syrup and ginger syrup)
0.75 oz lemon juice

Shake and strain into glass with ice. Float an Islay Scotch on top (I used Lagavulin 16). This is usually garnished with a piece of candied ginger but I don’t have any at the moment.


We used Meyer lemon juice to make a Tom Collins; per The Bar Book’s recipe, we added the soda water to the shaker after shaking the other ingredients but before straining.

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It meets the requirements of bourbon but the competition in the Tenn whiskey is much smaller

I stand corrected:

"It’s unclear when exactly the Lincoln County Process was invented, but its creation has certainly helped to define Tennessee Whiskey. Charcoal filtering is a subtractive process. By filtering the newly distilled spirit through the charcoal prior to barreling, the process strips the whiskey of much of its harsh flavorings and creates a smoother, more easy drinking spirit.

Following the guidelines for making Bourbon, utilizing the Lincoln County Process and distilling the whiskey in the state of Tennessee are the requirements needed to label the product a Tennessee Whiskey. Technically these producers would be legally allowed to call their product Bourbon, since they follow all the legal guidelines and there is no requirement bourbon must be made in Kentucky, but, as any Tennessean will tell you, there is a difference and you can taste it."

From https://vinepair.com/wine-blog/what-makes-a-tennessee-whiskey-a-tennessee-whiskey-and-not-a-bourbon/

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Brandy Sour.
First time I’ve tried making a cocktail with egg whites, I figured I needed to up my game since I don’t know when bars will reopen. Balance was a little off, but at least I got the froth I was looking for.

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Well thank you for this extra information!

H set up the tasting vignette and asked me to take a pic! Being not a bourbon drinker I thought nothing of it! In any case, I can appreciate the nuances of the process, but I’m still on shaky ground! Yikes! I later tasted all three, and found the JD to be the least smooth. Ok, I just cook with it! :skull_and_crossbones:

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Discovered a really good bourbon today, the Cumberland Falls. Never even heard of it before but the bottle got my attention and I decided to give it a shot. And now it seems like I’ve never tried a decent bourbon before as it’s literally the first time I enjoyed some whiskey-like alcohol. It’s just really smooth and sweet enough and surprisingly rich in terms of taste even though it is straight bourbon.


On Sunday I had Bira Beer as it’s a very lite beer.


It’s 7:21 am Central so I’m going with a gentle Stagg at 132 proof with no pulp! But don’t be fooled. Bourbon is not just for breakfast anymore!

When we were doing barrel picking at Four Roses it was usually 9:00 AM with 9 barrels selected for us. Each of us, usually around 20 guys at our own station with all samples in front of us. Now all has changed due to covid


I’d think that would take a kind of skill that not everybody has. When I really try to taste-test anything, I don’t do it after I’ve just tried several other similar tastes.

Bottled water and unsalted tortilla chips were provided to cleanse the palate as needed

Stopped by my liquor store last night to find they were holding a bottle of the Colonel for me. So I should be set for the weekend which starts at 12:01 pm today.


That Knob Creek ain’t to shabby either

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