What Cooking Shows do you Watch?

I grew as a cook watching cooking shows on PBS. There are still a few there and they are usually good. Early days of Food Network were excellent but the rise of Guy Fieri and “reality” contest shows ruined it for me. YouTube and PBS, no Food Network or Cooking Channel (same owners).

PBS: https://www.pbs.org/food/shows/


O.M.G. I’m a clean freak and that triggers my gag reflex. Most bacteria and germs live under the nails. I have a separate brush by the kitchen sink just for cleaning nails. And even then, you can never completely get rid of them but at least half is better than none.

I find it distressing to watch TV cooks who grab everything with their oily hands with food debris on them. Even worse is long nails and rings/jewellery, long hair that’s not tied back.

Agree wholeheartedly on the nails. And when they are long and painted there’s no clue to the cleanliness underneath🤢. I will never buy an avocado again without very close inspection.

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Old thread but …
I used to watch Masterchef Australia until they hired a new panel of judges. Now, a new panel of judges is perfectly alright with me but with them came in more politics than actual cooking.

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That episode was in 2017. What made them off putting to you?

Google is your friend here. Search her name and slave.

I’m obsessed with Somebody Feed Phil. I watched it a lot during lock down. Yes he’s kind of a goofball but the show is relaxing and feel-good viewing.


Somebody Feed Phil is one of my favorite shows.


Top Chef takes top prize for me. I am very sad that it’s not available anymore, now that I cut cable. They unlocked only the first episode of this season for streaming. We are watching GBBS as well, although the bald guy gets on my last nerve. And I quite liked Masterchef US and Canada.

I absolutely binged on everything food network when it first started in the 90s. Now, I can’t deal with most of those shows. Ridiculous personalities, regurgitated recipes, and the general dumbing down. And the competitions! Make a fine dining entree with this leftover chicken finger basket. Don’t get me started. Finally, if I want to learn how to make a proper pho, I personally don’t want lessons from Rachael Ray. That seems wrong to me.


Binging the late great Keith Floyd at the moment .

I also still like Too Chef and of the Food Network stuff, I still like Beat Bobby Flay and things with Top Chef Carla, because Carla. I like several Netflix things, including Midnight Diner, Chefs Table and Flavorful Origins, but it’s reruns.

Midnight Diner . Absolutely .

Re: Top Chef. I’m still connected to cable, but I think I remember reading that Tom Collccio said that it’s streaming on Peacock? I hope that’s the case for you! Fingers crossed!

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It’s a subscription service though. Not worth it for a single show… Good thought though!

It is on Peacock!

Columbo is also on Peacock.


Oh, I didn’t know it was a subscription. Darn!

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I still love Top Chef, as the mass-available cooking competition show. While Chopped can be an alternative on a really slow day, I’ve never really been drawn to it. I think the ingredient combinations are too out there. I prefer having a more grounded ingredient list, with the occasional crazy twist.

My new frontier is definitely the food porn trend! Less about the cooking per se, and about showcasing specialty foods or regional foods. I’m thinking of the shows on Netflix like Flavors of Origin (China), Taco Chronicles (Mexico), Street Food (Asia and Latin America) etc. They are beautifully shot, insightful on the history and cultural significance of the food, and it just plain makes me droooool. :drooling_face: :drooling_face:


My post is 2 1/2 years old, but if I remember correctly ( and I’m pretty sure I do ) these were not your standard wrist length latex gloves. They were more like those rubber gloves that usually come in blue or yellow, go half way up your arm, Only in black. Hey, maybe ratings were down.

We only have broadcast access. I really enjoy Lydia because she cooks the way I do, and Ming because he cooks the way I’d like to.
We have a local program called Check, Please where reasonably normal locals visit and report on area restaurants, with two other locals check out the nominated restaurant and they compare notes. it’s a pretty good introduction to places you might not have noticed.


Thank you. I didn’t realize the age of your post.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold