What Cooking Shows do you Watch?

So we were talking on another thread and were curious - what cooking shows do you watch? I love Top Chef but there are not too many others I watch regularly. I catch Beat Bobby Flay one in a while. Are there any good ones out there you like?

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I don’t watch any regularly anymore - I used to watch so many …

Depending on what they are making I may watch -

  • Martha Stewart
  • Milkstreet
  • America’s test Kitchen
  • Jacque Pepin
  • Great British Baking Show
  • Lidia Bastianich (controversies aside)

I used to love (in the early FoodTV days)

  • Ming Tsai
  • Two Fat Ladies
  • Cooking Live (Sarah Molton) was my favorite to date
  • Two Hot Tamales

I didn’t know there were Lidia controversies! I agree. - Sara Morton was good. I forgot to mention Mike Colomecco. It’s not a cooking show but he goes to various restaurants in and around NYC. I have found quite a few for my bucket list on that show!

I like mexico - one plate at a time. …except when his daughter is on the show, those I skip. She is just not engaging to watch.


Steven Raichlen Create tv grilling shows
Roger Mooking man vs fire cooking channel

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  1. We like to watch good hands (because ours are not) – particularly the second nature ease in the knife work . . . Pepin, Torres, Ramsay, Yan. These guys’ long hours in serious working kitchens really show.

  2. We like the fun too. Two Fat Ladies and Great British Baking Masterclass come to mind.

  3. Who can omit Julia Child from any list?


Very true. I used to love to watch her. Back in the day I used to like to watch Madeleine Kammen as well.

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What is the controversy on Lidia? I have one actual cookbook of hers that I have used time and time again.

I don’t watch anything regularly except Top Chef but do like to watch Chopped occasionally. I pause it after the basket ingredients are announced and think about what I would make.

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Yes, I’d love to know too!!

An internet search brought up oodles of unflattering articles concerning the Bastianich family. But I still like Lidia and watch her show. Now that woman can cook.


Sorry about that everyone - didn’t mean to derail the thread, just meant to acknowledge that I was aware . . . . the stories are easy to find online with a google search

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If online video channels count, I will add
Project Foodie
Sam the Cooking guy
recently introduced to Mark Wiens YTube channel thanks to @zippo
Village Food Factory, YouTube


I only have a minute to respond, so I may be missing some but
Beat Bobby Flay
Top Chef
Chefs Table
British Baking Show

I also watch Man-fire food, if it’s on
Mind of a Chef
A Chef’s Life
Delicious Destinations
I’ll Have What Phil is Having/Somebody Feed Phil
Iron Chef
Good Eats/ re-boot, but it depends
Avec Eric
Parts Unknown (but taking a break)
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
Ainsley Eats The Streets


I think I have watched all including Graham Kerr ,The Galloping Gourmet!


Yes, and don’t forget the Frugal Gourmet! I used to watch many more than I do now. I do tune in occasionally to many of them, but only watch one or two regularly.

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I didn’t forget the Frugal Gourmet. :wink:

Jeff Smith’s settled out of court scandal devasted the viewers in my family. I remember kitchen table discussions at the time. The news report even rocked our local church.


He was “my first”! I must have been in elementary school . I’ve re-watched some in the past year, and it’s almost hard to believe!

Actually not long after that incident and he was out of the spotlight, I happened to be in Seattle at Pike’s Place Market. I was not standing too far from him and pointed him out to my wife…at that point someone walked up to him, and not specifically hearing the conversation, he seemed to be scolding that person for approaching him…

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold