What cookbooks have you gotten / added to your wish list - 2023

I had checked the original out from our library in wintertime several years ago, since I enjoyed cooking from her other books. And was disappointed by how few of the recipes looked like ones I’d make. I should revisit.

I hate reissues with a “few more recipe” - either make a completely new book or just don’t change any thing. It’s not like the latest reissue from Led Zeppelin because they found an old demo song somewhere on an old tape.

Received my copy of Standard Baking Co. Pastries today, and am watching the reviews come in for Tamar Adler’s new rekease The Everlasting Meal Cookbook.

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Anyone who is a fan of Anna Olson, Costco Canada, has her new book Baking Wisdom on for $29. Lots of information for bakers of all levels,150 great recipes and the book has 2 ribbons. I love it when cookbooks have ribbons.


Have you cooked from any of her books?