What comfort food do you crave at home?

For me, it’s a simple noodle dish. Boil water with some soy sauce and sesame oil (stock if I have it). Add an egg, tomato, bok choy and rice noodle or noodle. Add a few shrimp, cook till noodle is al dente. Add white pepper.

Can’t say its gourmet but it’s something soothing for me.

What are yours?

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I would have to say breakfast in the evening . Eggs , hash browns , smoked pork chop .

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Soup. Any kind, as long as it contains no traces of curry (which I despise).

I’m a soup fiend.

Mashed potatoes with gravy and peas on the side or sometimes mixed into the potato.
avgolemono (especially if I’m under the weather)
fasolakia (Greek long cooked green beans)

A big ole’ pot of Sunday gravy, complete with meatballs, sausage and braciole.

Meatloaf and it’s on the menu today! :slight_smile:

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Königsberger Klopse.

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It’s what I’m making also. I’m cooking mine in the barbecue .

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Nice! I’m doing a Sicilian stuffed twist today–salami and hot peppers with fresh mozz inside. That must rock in the barbecue. Is there bacon involved?

No bacon . Beef ,pork ,and veal .

We smoked a meatloaf sometime back and it took a great dish to really out of this world. Need to do that again.

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There you go–that’s the only way to fly. They had none in the case today, so mine was fresh-ground just for me. Off to start on my peppers now. Enjoy!

i have several. love breakfast @ night: cheese omlet + ww toast; scrambled or soft cooked eggs, bacon and toast. mac and cheese. i also keep several kinds of soup in the freezer for when i don’t feel like cooking: chicken veggie; white bean; tomato; roasted sweet potato-apple.

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Not long ago made a Shepard’s pie with ground lamb. So good and comforting


Mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. It doesn’t happen in my kitchen; but, my aunt makes it when I visit her. Usually we eat it in our pajamas.


Do you have a recipie you could share? Oops, that was meant for lamb shepards pie.

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No recipe but this is the basics. No proportions available, just eye it

Leg of lamb-medium grind

Brown lamb with onions. Season with s/p, herbs can be any of the following or combination; rosemary, thyme, oregano

Dice carrots and mix with frozen peas and season. I don’t remember if I cooked these before putting it together. Something tells me I didn’t since there was adequate time for the carrots to soften while in the oven but don’t hold me to that :wink:

Potatoes peeled, diced, boiled and mashed with butter. Seasoned with s/p

Layer and toss in a 350 oven until the top is nicely browned

This was what I had on hand that day at that moment. Please customize to your taste

I cook off the cuff most often. Sadly I don’t menu plan and almost everything I cook is spur of the moment depending on what’s in the fridge, freezer and pantry and how much time I have. When I shop, I buy what looks good and is a good deal and work from that. Of course certain stables are kept on hand at all times

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Thanks for the outline, I can definitely do this, with adaptions, not pea and carrot fans here:). Thinking corn or something else…thanks!

Improvisation is how I roll. Go for it!

Roast chicken. Always.