What bar chocolate are you eating?

I like to switch it around. At this point, I am eating MAST chocolate:

I don’t have first hand experience with Mast bars. I read about them when they were involved in a big scandal in the craft chocolate world.

Here’s the first of 4 parts exposé:

:frowning: It is a little long… I read the first part. Oh well, I don’t love them anyway.

It’s an interesting read
It was a pretty big deal here
there are several local restaurants whos
owners are just so full of themselves
that featured their “snotty” chocolate
The Mast Brothers store in Brooklyn took / takes
itself so very seriously … like a museum exhibit

Moonstruck Fortunate No.4 Peru single origin 50% cacao bar
Usually not too much a fan with milk chocolate bar, but this one with nice texture of bitter cocoa nibs. It has flavours of nut, coffee, toffee and floral sweetness to give a good balance.

Castronovo chocolate Belize Maya mountain villages - 72% Dark chocolate
Apparently, this chocolate has won several International awards in US and UK. A fine chocolate.

Areté Guatemala Lachua Microlot 70% dark chocolate
Slight acidity contrasted with the fruit flavour.

Heirloom Costa Rica dark chocolate 74%
I like this bar a lot, a complex note of citrus and dried cherry, not too sweet.

While not bar chocolate, the best artisan chocolates I’ve had was at La Foret in Napa. They are amazing!

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Thanks for the article, don’t know if we can summarise the taste of cacao in simple terms like this, but it can be a starting point.


The last US bars I had…

Bar au chocolat Chiapas, Mexico 70% - made from cacao cultivated in the hillside of Jimenez family hacienda.
High acidity, roasted nut, coffee and cocoa flavours.

L’Amourette Trinitario Nicaragua 80% - I like a lot this bar, fruity notes and a nice balance of flavours.

Hilo Hawaii manoa chocolate 70% - I would say this one has a honey floral note and on the sweet side. Very nice.

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Lately, we’ve been eating Montezuma’s Absolute Black Dark Chocolate, from Trader Joe’s. 93% cocoa solids, 7% nibs. It’s really intense, and as you might guess, not at all sweet. Great for when you want a strong chocolate hit – you don’t need much.

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I was cleaning my kitchen closet and there was a bunch of these chocolate wrappers from the last few years. These are not even all of them. I ate too much chocolate.


Nothing wrong eating chocolate, especially mostly dark.

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Oh, and I just found a small chunk of Arete, from our local craft maker, still in the pile of packaging. As I was enjoying it, I found out they just moved from Milpitas in California to Tennessee.

We give those chocolate library series as gifts to our nieces. Always a hit.

Valrhona 71% from Trader Joe’s, $3 a bar, unbelievable price-point.

I must eat 2-3 bars a week!

I used to eat entire 1 lb Milk Chocolate blocks from TJ, but I’m too old for that now. It still tastes good, but I don’t feel good. I’d rather have a hit from the Valrhona even though I like milk chocolate better. I like really, really sweet!

Try this at TJ:

as well as the Milk Chocolate Lover.

I personally like them both more than the Valrhona, and its cheaper than the Valrhona too.

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85% cacao? That’s dark but I’ll give it a shot.

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