What are your 3 favorite cakes to make?

Not necessarily to eat, but to make or bake?

For me, in order:

  1. Baumkuchen - it’s a labor of love to make those concentric layers, it’s also therapeutic
  2. Apfelkuchen - who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked apples
  3. Ice cream cake - because I love ice cream, who doesn’t? :wink:

You? What cakes (not pies) do you like to make or bake?


I’m not a big cake guy… but do the following in order:

1.) Cheese Cake - done in muffin tins so I can top them all differently.
2.) Pineapple UpsideDown Cake - stupid easy, plus I luv pineapple.
3.) German Chocolate Cake - coconut and chocolate, what’s not to luv.


I like fruit desserts like pie and crisps better than cake and I am not a good cake maker, but these are the ones I like to make and eat when a cake is called for:

Lemon buttermilk bunt-easy and pairs well with berries. Holds up for a few days which is nice for a household of two.

Buckle- simple yellow cake topped with fruit and streusel. I like peach with raspberry or apricot with blueberries depending on what is ripe. I make this at least once per summer. Travels well for a picnic. I use a fine cooking recipe issue 66.

A chocolate cake made with oil with a chocolate ganache frosting. I like mascarpone/whipped cream fresh raspberry filling. The cake and frosting is one I found on the Epicurious website which is hard to mess up.

I love the smell of freshly baked apples so I’ll have to look up what a Apfelkunchen is.


Mrs H is a keen baker and I do not have the temerity to stray into that area, as a general rule. However, I am permitted to make a rich fruit cake at Christmas (commonly known in the UK as , erm, a Christmas Cake). Although, truth be told, most years I can’t be bothered and just buy one from the supermarket.

I used to use a Delia Smith recipe but, of late, I’ve turned to this one from Nigel Slater:

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freshly baked apples just screams fall to me

i wish someone would bottle it

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Can you educate me on the differences between Christmas cake and fruit cake?

Not specific cakes, but I love to bake certain types of cakes.

One is genoise. I love it because it’s as simple as it gets, but it’s a cake that’s easy to mess up and requires good technique. I also find it delicious when made properly.

On a similar vein, I love making roll cakes because they’re so pleasing to see turn out without a single crack and they’re really very easy to make. They cool down fast, so they’re very quick to put together, look fun, taste great and are light and not too sweet.

And I love a good pound cake. It’s just a very pleasing cake to me for it’s simple buttery goodness and the way it compels you to just cut off another slice.


European cheesecake: yes, I would eat a whole one
Fruitcake aka Christmas cake: given enough time, I would eat a whole one
Gateau Basque, apple version: see above

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Tres leches, apple, and carrot. I love eating them more than I love baking them, but I don’t bake them very often because Mrs. ricepad is not big on cakes, and if I ate 3/4 of a cake by myself, I’d be even fatter than I am.

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My favorite “easy to bake & fun to make” cakes are:
(1) Busy Day Chocolate Dump Cake (Martha Stewart Recipe)
(2) Hot Milk Cake (Glen and Friends - youtube recipe)
(3) Simple White Cake (allrecipes.com)

I’m adding a fourth item, not really a cake – but a quick “go to” dessert to satisfy Sunshine’s sweet tooth,
(4) Easy Batter Fruit Cobbler (allrecipes.com)

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Do you just make the cake or do you also do the marzipan and jam. Maybe people would like fruit cake more with those additions. I hope I’ll remember to come back to this come Christmas time. I wish the picture was taken with the jam and marzipan so I could see what that would look like.

A batter type cobbler can be fairly cake like IMHO.


Yes… and it really is easy to make. That cobbler (with pineapple) has been requested multiple times when Sunshine and I go to parties/get togethers.
I take the canned chunk pineapple and cut it up a little smaller.

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My all time favorite (but havent made one in eonsl is angel food. My grandmother was well known for her angel food, and she taught me to make it at a very young age (no joke, I think I was 7 or 8!)

Another is a white Texas sheet cake…its an odd little recipe, water and butter brought to a boil is a start…but its a delicious cake on its own, and sublime as a base for shortcake.

Also love make a buche de Noel…fiddly but so impressive to look at!


Do you have a specific white Texas Sheet cake recipe you prefer? I love Stella Park’s chocolate version for assembling various animal shaped cakes for the kiddos’ birthdays, but sometimes the birthday girl doesn’t want chocolate

Probably not. Other than one is made at Christmas and the other could be any time.

That said, whilst Christmas Cake is pretty much a defined thing, such as the Slater recipe I linked to, a fruit cake could have many variations. It might be called a fruit cake or it might have an individual name - such as a Dundee cake


Hmm. Favorite to make vs make most often… wondering.

  1. Orange olive oil cake – I went through many versions and iterations (aka rabbit hole) to tweak to one I liked and was consistent. I make this often to take to friends/family, and also crave it myself when I want something sweet that will stay well for many days. (A close tie is lemon “pound” cake, which is a very similar recipe but uses some additional dairy for richness – this is the family kid favorite, but mostly interchangeable on lemon and orange.)

  2. Chocolate crazy cake / amazon cake / depression cake – my favorite birthday layer cake, with ganache, and flexible for other uses (like black forest).

  3. Swiss roll with strawberry jam – childhood favorite, one of my mom’s signatures, but I’ve only made it twice. I hope to get over the hump and make it mine.

Must mention: Best Cocoa Brownies. Not cake, but close enough.


Its ilon my laptop. Ill try tor remember to post it.

It came from CH years ago.

Peach Cobbler

  1. The simple sesame cake from Simple Cakes, maybe? Can’t remember the title but I love this cake.
  2. A yogurt cake I think I found on Epicurious. It has a marmalade glaze but I never make that. The texture seems controversial from the comments but I love it. Very moist and spongy.
  3. Banana chiffon with cream cheese frosting—everybody else’s favourite and I’m the only one who makes it. It is delicious.