What are you drinking right now? (Non-alcoholic)

I had St. Agrestis’s Phony Negroni at a restaurant tonight. It’s got the bitterness down, but it’s sweeter than a real Negroni (which doesn’t usually have much in the sweetener department).

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I made Brazilian-style limeade today for the first time and it was absolutely killer. This will be a repeat for me for sure, esp in the current heat wave.

You just cut the tips off of scrubbed, washed limes and quarter them.
Into a blender they go with some sugar, sweetened condensed milk, water and ice. You pulse to break up the limes (but don’t just pulverize them, or it’ll be bitter.) Pour into a sieve over a bowl or pitcher, press the solids with a spoon, pour into glasses and serve with a lime wedge. I have a process pic, but drank my glass so fast I failed to get a better shot. Def worth the effort!


Something refreshing for a hot day: let frozen blueberries thaw, muddle with fresh mint leaves in a highball/Collins glass, and add ice, Meyer lemon juice, and tonic.


Fresh shiso, lemon verbena, and ginger mint tea along with some fennel seeds


shiso + lemon verbena is intriguing.

I’ve been making Arnold Palmers at home, with Ty-Phoo orange pekoe or Earl Grey, and purchased refrigerated lemonade (or fresh lemon juice and sugar)

Today, I added a fresh peppermint leaf.

You have the real deal? With the floating citrus hunks? My local beer outlet just started carrying old school Sun Drop in bottles. Thought my wife was going to cry.

My son would wholeheartedly agree with you. Have to get one every time I hit the Mexican isle.

Even your dog’s lookin’ at you like you cray-cray. “What does she get out of that?!”

Gazpacho season!


As a drink ? Isn’t it more dinner (or lunch) ?

Not for me. I sometimes have it for breakfast, but it’s a drink to me. Not a meal, or a soup, if that’s what you mean, maybe because I pass it through a fine sieve?


Better than V8.

Some strained borschts come in a bottle, and could be served as a beet shot, if that’s up your alley

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Bing cherry shrub and soda stream.


That looks delicious!

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What kind of vinegar did you use ?

Red wine, IIRC. One recipe used 1/2 red wine, 1/2 acv. Could have included some balsamic.
I just wrote “vinegar” on the label
I think it could use more vinegar. Any suggestions?

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