What are you drinking right now? (Non-alcoholic)


Right now I am drinking a can of SUN DROP SODA.

Love this soda, it’s quite refreshing! :yum:

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(kim) #2

I’m enjoying a homemade lemonade on this steamy afternoon. (Of course steamy is relative . . .I’m in Philadelphia and thankfully not Phoenix :sunglasses:


(Robin) #3

Cold water…it’s 110 outside, and the office/building a/c blew a fuse and is not working. They keep saying it will be right back up. It’s been two hours. I’m giving them 30 more minutes and then we are all out of here.



Oh my goodness, now that’s just too ‘hot’. I feel bad for those who are dealing with the triple digits. Here where I live (the central part of Wisconsin), it’s cool, breezy, and the temps suppose to reach 75º.


(kim) #5

Wow, you are far more patient than I. I’m a total heat wimp.



barelywino, I cannot do that, as I know longer 'am able to edit my topic.


(kim) #8

You can send a message to Hungry Onion and request the change. It probably will help to avoid overlap between the drink threads.



I will do that!

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(Andrea) #10

Just finished a strawberry-basil-lime granita.

Also a lot of sparkling water lately. Feeling fancy.



A bottle of Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino Iced Coffee



I just mixed together, scoops of vanilla ice cream along with a bottle of
Starbucks Caramel Iced Coffee. It was quite refreshing!


(Jeannette tate) #13

An ice cold cane sugar Mexican Coke, straight from the glass bottle. Nothing’s else hits my spot like this does.

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(For the Horde!) #14

Whole fat milk. Water as well.



A hot, not too humid, day today in central Florida, and I drank a bit of filtered (Brita filter) water as I cut the lawn.
Otherwise, a NY friend recently brought down a case of Mug brand Cream Soda- unavailable in this area, for our gang’s variation on the classic NY Egg Cream. Mug Cream Soda is the substitute for the seltzer water, and I’ve made it this way on and off for about 10 years- whenever my NY friend brings down a few bottles. I put the carbonated Cream soda in a 3 Stooges-type seltzer bottle (CO2 cartridge, the whole bit).
Now, with a whole case of Mug Cream Soda (!!!), my beverage of choice a few times a week is, obviously, a homemade NY Egg Cream. A couple of months ago, I also stocked up on U-Bet Chocolate syrup- Passover recipe, which uses real sugar and not corn syrup.



Right now I’m drinking coffee. It’s 9:30am



Currently drinking one of these at work:

I tried this from Sprouts on a whim about a month ago, because my stomach was a bit off for a few days and I thought the probiotics would help. I feel like they did. I don’t drink these every day, but I’ll have one every week or so. The mojito flavor is good too.


(Chris) #18

Seabuckthorn and apricot lemonade. Very
refreshing and not something I’d expected to come across in the mountains of Kashmir. Though they do grow a lot of apricots in the region.



Fentimans Rose Lemonade. Not too sweet, with a bit of rose extract and ginger. We rarely drink soda, but this is great. Cost Plus has it.


(Robin Joy) #20

Earl Grey tea, made very weak (so you can clearly see the bottom of the cup) with no milk. I just started drinking tea this way a month or so ago and it was a revelation. No tannin or bitterness, just a really fresh tasting cuppa!


(Doo B. Wah) #21

My usual drink - iced tea.

I brew my own using two family size decaf bags, two regular green tea bags, two black tea bags and one jasmine tea bag. I pour a kettle of boiling water over all in an old coffee carafe and let it steep for an hour up to overnight.

I dilute it about 5 parts water to one part tea and sweeten with a 50/50 mix of turbinado and unrefined pure cane.

Fill a mason jar with ice, 1 part tea to 5 parts of water, a teaspoon or so of sugar, pop a lid on a shake a Polaroid picture.