What Are You Coveting/Waiting /Saving For?

Hey, Congratulations!

I’m really good at spending other people’s money, but if there’s a cover that fits, I recommend you go big and get it, too.


Lol! Fortunately, I already have the lid that fits, so only the gratin was desperately needed. :smile:

We live remotely on outer Cape Cod and experience coastal storms that leave us without power for many days. We recently had to replace our gas range from about 20 years ago. It was breathtakingly expensive - and fueled by propane but we are always grateful to be able to cook without being dependent on electricity.


I do not know that I covet this, but if one were looking for a fish kettle, this is certainly unusual enough to consider!

That’s attractive.

I’m a little puzzled by the published weight, 4.4 kg. Even considering there are 3 pieces and the size, I would think enameled steel would not be that heavy.

I did not see specification of the metal. The rolled edges and joinery of the handles say steel. So cast iron is not a plausible explanation. Perhaps it was weighed with court bouillon and a pike.

A personal chef.

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Yes a personal chef so i can bake all day and the chef can clean up after me.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I enjoy cooking far too much, but I would not kick out a good commis.

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I would like to buy a nice beef loin for Christmas dinner. I have a few large gift cards for a few grocery stores I’ve saved for emergencies. I might be able to pay for the whole dinner using them this year. Cooking for 12, I think. I lucked out on a 14# turkey for less than 7 bucks this year for Thanksgiving and it was the best turkey I have ever roasted.


Might it be enameled CI?

Doubtful, by virtue of those handles and the appearance of the rims. Maybe.

TIL they make $1000 coffee grinders.

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Consider splurging on one. Who knows how much time we have left.

Would that there was a way to rent one for a month. I think you might conclude there isn’t much difference in cooking performance compared to 2-2.5 mm tin lined copper. Especially the silver lining which I think gives a performance advantage I would not be able to detect. Durability of silver compared to tin on the other hand may be discernible.

Was this meant for @DebAZ ? I have a sauté pan I love. It was my first copper pan.

I know it can be hard to fathom, but here is how I rationalise such a decision. Take my current one, which cost me 350 euro 12 years ago. I wanted to sell it on an online market place a few months ago, and somebody offered me 225 euro.

So, in all, my annual cost of having this grinder would amount to:

((350-225) + 35 repair and maintenance once) / 12 years = around 13 euro a year

That’s not too bad, I reckon. Plus with the grinder I can buy 23 euro bags of very good coffee beans, versus 36 euro for a similar bag of pre-ground Illy less good coffee.

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Everyone has different goals and different abilities to purchase or use. Especially in this coveting discussion, a longing for expensive stuff comes up. I am very happy with my current stuff, even though I think if I was a millionaire, I would buy better. But, for this current reality, just-good-enough is fine. Just-good-enough in terms of 1. how many and 2. how much it costs, as well as 3. cooking satisfaction.

What I have coveted my whole life is the realization that I got enough. It wasn’t until I was in my 50s did I achieve this. Now I have some money to fund charities I support.


That resale thing is interesting. When I first responded to your post I tried to find what my old Braun grinder is selling for. Apparently they stopped making it a long time ago. But I did find people selling used ones on eBay for 175-250 USD. I don’t recall exactly what I paid for it 20 years ago, but knowing my habits it probably was about 30-40 USD.

In the case of this Braun grinder, I think people are just posting ridiculous prices in the hopes someone will bite. I seriously doubt an average value of these is even 100 bucks. Even if people think they’re “vintage” or some such nostalgia attaches to them.

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I think there’s a large market cohort that likes and wants to keep using Small Appliance X after theirs dies. If SAX is no longer made, it may be considered a bargain to pay 5-10x for a working unit. Have you ever looked at what a minty Sunbeam T-20 is going for in 2022?

I have what I think is the same Braun burr grinder you have. The hopper cap cracked and then finally broke, so I found a replacement on eBay. That reminds me: I should probably also source a fresh(er) burr setup, because I can see some wear after 30 years…

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Why yes, yes I have. :slight_smile: (T-40 rather than -20, though)

You’ve probably nailed the rationale behind it.

Regarding burr wear - my sister has an old burr grinder that stopped grinding well; would barely grind at all. I took it apart and told her it was done for - they were smooth as silk, even polished looking. Then I put it back together and it worked just fine! SMH. (She likes a relatively coarse grind)

My hopper barrel is getting vertical stress cracks in the clear polycarbonate but still holding up. The white body is now more like a light beige or dark eggshell instead of the original white, I guess from years of old fluorescent lighting before I put in can-LEDs. I have two rubber bands around the grinds box. One horizontal to hold it up against the main body, and one vertical to keep the lid on. Otherwise it vibrates itself loose and starts blowing grinds all over.

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