What Are You Coveting/Waiting /Saving For?

No. 16

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Whoa! We really do use algebra in real life. Spicoli’s gonna freak.


Armed with just my fork and lots of truffle stuff :joy:. There’s nothing like having a well-stocked larder.

It’s funny that he can make the title of his videos a pun on his name.


Awesome! Totally awesome!

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I noticed the difference in the recette de Robuchon. The ecrase de pomme terre is something I’ve had before… with the local truffles. I think I’ve had the Robuchon style potatoes, but I could just try on my one.

Stateside, I’m usually reaching for some beurre d’Isigny Sainte Mere. My local corner shop carries it, and it goes well before the Plugra and other more common brands. I swear someone is eating it whole… (not I… I just put it on some baguette)


I love this

Just picked up a couple of packs in my local store. Already well through the first one. It’s quite good! It is tempting to shave off a taste. :joy:



I’ll be back in the store tomorrow. I’ll check. It isn’t marked.

Ecrase is an interesting term. I had to look up the recipe. I thought it was referring to crash potatoes, which I love (but then I have not yet found a potato recipe I do not like!).

Spread some butter on a fresh baguette, dip it into a bowl of coffee et voilà: the most traditional French breakfast!

If you like Isigny, you might want to try Echiré butter which is usually marginally more expensive but harder to find in the States.

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My turn :rofl::
Crash potatoes is an interesting term. I had to look up the recipe. Is that it ?
New to me. Thank you. Will try.

That is a good basic one. I like to a crash that has some peaks to crisp up. My go to seasoning is olive oil, Parmigiana Reggiano, salt, pepper, and fines herbes. I like a salt with some crunch like Maldon or Anglesey grey.

Which corner shop? Taylor’s market?

$i.99 for 250 grams. Just was in the store and checked.

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Ok, I just picked up a little bag of baby golds. I can see what’s on the agenda for my weekend.

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@alarash. yup. Also, i think the co-op has Rodolphe le Meunieur, a super (pricey) choice. I think Whole Paycheck also stocks it, at least in some locations. The shop also has baguettes and pain d’epi from Acme fresh each morning. And as of late, vacherin fribourgois, which goes into my favorite "moitié -moitié " fondue.

I’ve not found Echiré as close by — I buy the Isigny Ste Mere because it is so conveniently stocked. My favorite beurre de baratte for the table is not stocked stateside — it is with flakes of fleur de sel de Guerande.

That’s $8.99. I didn’t see the typo. Sorry.

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@meekah yikes!, mine was $6.25. It used to be $4.99 but the last two years have not been kind, as well all know.

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