What are you baking? September 2022

Upside down plum cake from Snackable Bakes. This was fantastic. I used Italian prune plums and wished for a heavier plum layer.


Sally did you use parchment paper?

on the cake? No - she tell you to just butter the sides of the cake, and you smear butter on the bottom of the cake, sprinkle sugar/salt mixture, then the plums, then the batter. Why?

I just felt it might be hard to flip

oh! It was SUPER easy. I was pleasantly surprised. All the butter must have helped!

Power finally came back on about an hour ago and looks to stay, so I will be doing some baking to use things that were salvageable: a savory quick bread with cheese and a blueberry cake.


Savory quick bread with sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and cheese. Tastes and smells like pizza! So good!


I love these kinds of savory quickbreads!

Only problem is they’re so easy to eat through hahaha

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Baked bread after ages - maybe a year?

Thought it was going to be a dud because I started the dough, went out, came back late, forgot it was proving, went to sleep, and remembered it only the next morning. Well, it’s lucky that temperatures have dropped :joy: because it didn’t really seem to suffer.

Could have used a touch more salt, but there’s nothing quite like fresh-baked bread!

(This was 2c flour with a 1/8c tangzhong, baked in a 1qt covered glass pan.)


Did a quick bake of chocolate cake to take over to my friend recovering from surgery (and his family and friends who are over to help).

I wanted something foolproof and quick, so I looked around and settled on Gourmet’s double chocolate cake from AlexandraCooks.

I drastically reduce sugar for her orange olive oil cake, so I cut the sugar here as well (from1.5c to 1c). I also cut the baking soda by half from habit. Baked as a single 9” layer (using her halved recipe for a 2-layer 6” cake).

This took only 30 mins to bake at 325F. I made a thin ganache to coat the top.

The cake is lovely — just sweet enough for a dark chocolate cake, and the glaze gives it a little more bitterness. I added some rum to the batter, which is barely detectable but gives a nice flavor.

I hope these guys leave some for tomorrow (it’s half gone already between “appetizer” and dessert), because I know it’s going to be so much better with a day’s rest!


Made this Basque burnt cheesecake recipe:

I added 1/8 tsp salt and increased the sugar by 5 grams as it struck me as a bit too tangy.
Figuring out these recipes done in convection ovens can sometimes be really tough when you’re using a conventional oven. In this case I should have baked at 450 the whole way through and it certainly takes longer than the time stated. The convection setting that I can use for this oven is fairly useless and it’s better to just bake normally.
The cheesecake is delicious. I will try it again sometime with necessary adjustments.

For a more chocolaty version, both of these look good minus the starch as I absolutely don’t think starch belong in custard cheesecakes and won’t put any in cheesecakes I make.

As I’m not a huge chocolate lover I wonder if I’d like these as much.


To the regular bakers out there - I have some slightly aged plums and nectarines to use. The nectarines are delightful. The plums could use some help (sugar/acid). Of all the possible fruit cakes or crisps out there, what would you bake? I’ve tried the NYT plum torte and thought it was fine, but not amazing. I recently tried the smitten kitchen (?) peach crisp where you pour hot water on top, and liked that a lot. I’ve also seen lots of talk about other fruit cakes above. Dorie, I think. Snacking cakes. Boy bait. If you had plums and nectarines, what would you make? I don’t think I want a pie, but am open otherwise.

Have you ever tried Willie’s Crisp? It’s easy and so delicious. I always double the recipe, this takes 6 cups of fruit. You could cut bite sized pieces of nectarines and plums and throw in blueberries and/or blackberries.


I have not. Do you have a link?

Ok. I found the link, and just put it together. But I have more fruit, so if anyone else has a favorite cake with fruit, having sampled among several, I would love to know which. Thanks!

I like David Lebovitz’s Texas Peach Cobbler, which is also good with nectarines and I don’t see why plums wouldn’t also work.
David Lebovitz recipes


For summer fruit cakes, and speaking of David Lebovitz, I can recommend his moelleux of summer fruits.


As @Phoenikia mentioned, I think a nectarine cobbler would be lovely if you like that kind of thing. I’m happy to give you my recipe for it if you are interested. You could also serve it with macerated plums if you want to use up both quickly.

This really is a fast cake to make with oil and sour cream. We loved it but i might double recipe next time. I think it would be great with different fruit.