What are you baking? November 2023

What’s in your oven?

I harvested a huge armful of lemon verbena before our first hard frost last night. I was thinking of making another French-ish yogurt cake with it, but now I’m considering making shortbread instead. I found a few recipes for it - basically you blitz the herb with the sugar, just as one does when making a cake. I have about an hour before the butter is softened so I better make up my mind!


I have a very nicely growing rosemary bush (still in the nursery box for now - planning to find a sunny spot in the yard to plant later - this is unusual for me as in the past I seem to have had “the dreaded Black Thumb”). I also have right now a large excess of fresh thyme (cut, Aldi packaged) and a lot of extra garlic.

I have in the past made bread that I loaded heavily with roasted garlic (the whole head, as roasted and squished out) and about 5 Tbs rosemary that I ground up using my old spinner coffee grinder. In those cases I added just a bit of jarred dried marjoram, oregano and thyme to the dough, for the “herb & garlic” bread loaf.

I’m wondering how a similar loaf (roasted garlic & rosemary) might turn out if I added a really big load (10+ Tbs) of fresh thyme.

Anyone done this? Is it stupid crazy to add so much thyme to a basic garlic rosemary bread dough?

Thanks in advance.

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The oven finally got fixed and I made my favorite cinnamon raisin bread and some cakey brownies because I feel cakey brownies are unjustly maligned when they’re rich, moist, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Being indifferent as I am about brownies it’ll probably be at least a year until I bake any again. :joy:


So cute, the first two look like shaggy doggy faces!

The next two look “simply deadly” delicious.


I also made cinnamon raisin bread. Not anywhere near as beautiful or neat as yours, but delicious.


I love this type, too!

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A fellow cakey brownie fan here. I like to stir a teaspoon of cinnamon into mine.


I used to make a Mexican brownie that called for cinnamon and some chile.


Both Sunshine and I made it through our doctors’ check-ups, so now I can get back to doing some baking!!

Sunshine is visiting one of her girlfriends this afternoon. I think her friend just wants someone to talk to, as this friend stated “most of her conversations are with her cats”.

So last night, I whipped up my standard (go-to) Martha Stewart Chocolate Dump Cake. I did cheat though and used Betty Crocker icing vs. making a chocolate butter cream frosting from scratch. I doubt her friend will mind.


Apple tart with a few different varieties of FM apples, 3 large apples diced and gently pressed into frozen crust, about 2 1/2T sugar and 1t Wondra flour.

Breakfast of champions…had a dollop of yogurt!


Love the way your cutouts keep shape. Do you freeze them before baking?

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Usually not, these were in the fridge for about 10 minutes, baked on a piece of parchment, upper rack. Tart was on middle rack @400* convection bake, for 10 minutes, then lowered. I kept an eye on the cutouts :grin:


I’m with you.
I really dislike Chocolate Pâté masquerading as Brownies. Heavy, wet, pasty :confounded:
I am very fond of the King Arthur Fudge Brownies Recipe. I increase the Bake Time and B.P. a little.
Chewy Edges and a moist but not wet Crumb. For me Perfect.


Cinnamon Biscuits
Cinnamon Biscuits, Paula Deen’s biscuit recipe with a cinnamon, brown sugar filling, Should I frost them? Whatcha think?


:100: Frost


Agree with @MidwesternerTT definitely frost!


i baked a cake using some dried fruits which make it more delicious.

Left them to cool, when I came back to the kitchen spouse had removed them from pan and eaten several. Next time, I’ll head him off at the pass and they will get frosted. In his defense, they smelled awesome coming from the oven.


What type of cake did you make, what dried fruits did you use, and how did you prepare them?