What are you baking? Sept 2023

Me, too! I have a dozen of them bought when the franc was about 10 to the dollar, so that’s how old they are. I also bought at the same time dark green Bakelite handled knives in an “antique” store and then stopped in Biot and got green and yellow glasses to go with…love using them outside for lunch!
ETA I should put the set up on the “silver tray” :rofl:


Maple Glazed Donuts. I bought a donut pan quite awhile ago and after having a failure i just put it in the back of my pantry. Today i tried a recipe from Sallys Baking Addiction and achieved some success. The donut batter has pumpkin spices and the glaze a very maple flavour. I sprinked some maple sugar on top.


The polish looks like a French apple cake and Russian looks more like Lekach if I recall

I need to get some moon cakes. I wish the local Asian Mary’s sold individually ones so I can try different flavors. I like red bean or lotus seed with an egg yolk.

Having never had actual cider donuts how is this cake? I have it bookmarked from a few weeks ago.

Made some Coconut Mochi from a Genevieve Ko cookbook and a banana bread though I don’t recall from where.

I’m going to try and get a sour cream poundcake out of my ingredients before the last day of Sept is done.


I saw a French onion soup tarte tatine I’m curious to taste which means I’d have to make it

I’ve never had an actual cider donut, either. :blush:

We like the cake. It’s dense and heavy, like a donut, and the nutmeg comes through. I think the cinnamon-sugar coating is a must, if you’re going for that donut effect.

I’m tempted to try the recipe in a donut pan sometime.

I think TJ is selling Apple Cider Doughnuts, in baked goods section, sample was excellent.

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Latest batch from thi afternoon.



It’s a family favourite.

Great idea about putting the blackberry inside the pear!

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How do you like the other recipes in his book?

I’ve made my first Bramley apple crumble of the year. It was fantastic to dig into after getting caught out in the rain. It’s both tangy and sweet and the topping was a lovely, crunchy contrast to the soft apples.


October thread is up :slight_smile:

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I’ve had it a year (kindle) and they “read” as being very doable, but I can’t vouch for any as I don’t recall if I’ve done them.

The quick ratatouille and the vegetable samosas are very good and quite fast. I thought I had cooked more from this book, but I have a few of Raymond’s so more recipes have been from them. His things usually work out quite well.


Really beautiful! What’s the filling?

Speculoos cookie from The Perfect Scoop. Going to break it up and bake it some more to make it even firmer. This is for his Lemon Speculoos Ice Cream which will likely be my last batch of ice cream for the year.


I can’t recall which one this was, as we did a batch with lotus seeds and egg yolk, and one (vegetarian) with mung beans.

I think this was the lotus/egg yolk.

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